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Kiss of Noctura

Source Lost Treasures pg. 36
Aura strong conjuration [evil]; CL 15th
Slot none; Price 56,000 gp; Weight


This flap of leathery skin was flayed from the face of the succubus Noctura. In order to attach the skin graft, the new user must make several lacerations around his own mouth, cheeks, and chin, dealing 1d6 points of Constitution damage to himself. Once the skin scrap is placed over this area, the user’s blood revivifies the flesh, causing it to fuse with his face. Once the scrap is attached, the user’s face looks identical to how it did before the graft, except that his lips constantly appear plump and lush.

The wearer of the Kiss of Noctura inherits a measure of Noctura’s succubus abilities. Whenever the wearer kisses another creature, he imposes 1 negative level on that creature. If the victim is unwilling, it must be grappled first. Negative levels imposed by the Kiss of Noctura can be removed with a successful DC 16 Fortitude saving throw after 24 hours. Any creature that already has 1 negative level from the Kiss of Noctura does not take additional negative levels from subsequent kisses.

Additionally, the wearer can communicate telepathically with any creature he’s kissed within the past 24 hours. This telepathic link isn’t limited by distance or planes, and can be terminated by the wearer at any time. Unwilling creatures can prevent this link from forming by succeeding at a Will save (DC = 10 + the wearer’s Charisma modifier).

The Kiss of Noctura can be removed by cutting the flap of skin away, which deals a further 1d6 points of Constitution damage to the wearer and leaves the wearer’s face permanently scarred.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, enervation, regenerate, creator must have a Charisma score of at least 18; Cost 28,000 gp