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Kineticist's Diadem

Source Occult Adventures pg. 259
Aura moderate evocation; CL 10th
Slot headband; Price 18,000 gp ( Lesser), 50,000 gp ( Normal), 98,000 gp ( Greater); Weight


This metal headband holds a glistening, diamond-shaped gem. A kineticist’s diadem includes one of five colors of gem, each corresponding to a different element: blue (water), clear (aether), green (earth), red (fire), and white (air). The diadem’s gem grants the wearer greater control over its associated element.

While worn by a kineticist, this item increases the damage dealt by the kineticist’s simple and composite blasts that match the element of the inlaid gem by 1d6 points (for a lesser kineticist’s diadem), 2d6 points (for a kineticist’s diadem), or 3d6 points (for a greater kineticist’s diadem). If the blast is a physical blast, the extra damage dice from the kineticist’s diadem increase to d8s instead of d6s. These extra damage dice do not multiply on a critical hit, and the extra damage dice do not apply to blasts with form infusions that do not apply the extra damage from elemental overflow, like kinetic blade and kinetic whip.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, creator must be a 10th-level kineticist with access to the appropriate element; Cost 9,000 gp (Lesser), 25,000 gp (Normal), 49,000 gp (Greater)