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Glass of Veils

Source Ultimate Intrigue pg. 247
Aura moderate illusion; CL 11th
Slot none; Price 53,000 gp; Weight 40 lbs.


This looking glass resembles a framed full-length mirror, 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide. A creature that knows the proper commands can operate the mirror in one of two modes.

In its first mode, the mirror stores the reflection of any creature other than the user that comes within 20 feet of the device and sees its own image. A creature not aware of the nature of the device always sees its own reflection. If the creature seeks to avert its gaze in order to avoid looking at the mirror, the probability of a creature seeing its reflection drops to 50%. This mode functions continually until another command word is spoken or until 24 hours pass, whichever comes first.

In its second mode, the mirror can call to its surface any reflection stored via the first mode of operation and bestow that appearance on the activator, as per the veil spell, for 24 hours. The stored reflection increases the bonus that its veil grants on Disguise checks from +10 to +20. The disguise is always the mirror image of the creature, however, which might reveal to astute observers familiar with the creature that something is wrong (for instance, a mole on the wrong side of the face); this increases the bonus on Perception checks to see through the disguise for creatures intimately familiar with the creature in question from +10 to +25. This mode can be activated up to three times per day, though it can provide only one veil effect at a time, so if anyone activates it again before the previous veil expires, the first effect ends.

A glass of veils can store up to 12 different reflections. If its capacity is exceeded, the reflection that has been stored the longest is erased to accommodate the latest one. With a separate command word, the user can protect an image from being erased, or remove that protection. A glass of veils with all 12 reflections protected from erasure can’t store new images until he removes the protection from at least one stored image.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, veil; Cost 26,500 gp