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Flying Chest

Source Lost Treasures pg. 13
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 10th
Slot none; Price 19,000 gp; Weight 100 lbs.


These chests most often appear as hinged, reinforced wooden barrels with saddles. Upon close inspection, a keyhole is visible on the side of the barrel, where a good lock is inset. The chest’s interior can hold up to 6 cubic feet of material. The chest can be ridden by a single Medium creature or two Small creatures, and is able to fly through the air as if affected by an overland flight spell (with a +5 bonus on Fly checks) for up to 10 hours per day, split up as its owner desires. The chest can carry up to 300 pounds at a speed of 40 feet, or up to 600 pounds at a speed of 30 feet. Only the weight of riders and materials strapped to the chest’s exterior counts for this limitation, not the weight of material stored within.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, animate object, overland flight, permanency; Cost 8,500 gp