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Death's Head Talisman

Source City of Strangers pg. 11
Aura varies; CL 5th (10 HD), 7th (14 HD), 9th (18 HD), 12th (24 HD)
Slot amulet; Price 1,000 gp (10 HD), 1,400 gp (14 HD), 1,800 gp (18 HD), 2,400 gp (24 HD); Weight


This amulet allows the wearer to command a number of undead skeletons and zombies, which are keyed to the amulet when it is created. The animation of the undead is part of the creation process—undead that have already been created cannot be bound to a death’s head talisman. The number of HD of undead tied to the amulet is equal to twice the amulet’s caster level. The amulet allows the wearer to command the undead as if she had created them with animate dead, even if she has no magical talent of her own. The undead are only under control while the amulet is worn; if the amulet is removed, the undead revert to normal behavior, standing in place but responding if attacked. Once the specific undead tied to the amulet are destroyed, the talisman loses all power.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, animate dead; Cost 625 gp (10 HD), 875 gp (14 HD), 1,125 gp (18 HD), 1,500 gp (24 HD)