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Daring Dancers

Source Faction Guide pg. 58
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 8th
Slot feet; Price 16,000 gp; Weight


These glittering anklets or spurs are favorites of Varisians, both for their showy addition to performances and their more practical uses. Normally made of metal and leather and adorned with glass beads or small gemstones, they make the wearer's feet light and agile, granting a +5 competence bonus to Perform (dance) checks. The wearer’s footfalls become so light that she can dance gracefully on any surface and make a 5-foot step even in difficult terrain.

If the wearer has 5 or more ranks in Perform (dance), daring dancers allow her to cast dimension door on herself once per day to travel up to 700 feet.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, dimension door, creator must have 10 ranks in Perform (dance); Cost 8,000 gp