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Champion of the Gilded Host

Source Lost Treasures pg. 22
Aura strong abjuration and enchantment; CL 14th
Slot none; Price 500,000 gp; Weight 600 tons


Individually, the component pieces of the Champion of the Gilded Host have the same strong magic aura as the intact construct, but possess no noteworthy abilities of their own. Any piece with a joint may flex occasionally, but without any purpose or significant force. When the pieces are brought within 100 feet of one another, they reassemble themselves to create a golden colossus. Long-forgotten command words keyed to each piece are able to shrink it to a fraction of its full size.


Requirements Craft Construct, Mythic CrafterMA, antimagic field, good hope, remove fear, vengeful outrageUM, wish, creator must be at least mythic rank or tier 7th; Cost 250,000 gp