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Elemental Transmission

Source Wilderness Origins pg. 28
Element earth, fire, water; Type utility (Sp); Level 5; Burn 0
Saving Throw Will negates; SR yes
You reach out to a creature with which you are familiar by using a conduit through an elemental plane. By concentrating for 10 minutes, you create one end of the conduit in a manifestation of your chosen element, such as a fire, pool of water, or section of earth, which must be at least 2 feet in diameter. If the creature you are attempting to contact is within earshot of a similar elemental manifestation and on the same plane, the conduit forms successfully, allowing both sides to see a likeness of the other. You can hear and talk to each other, though you cannot perceive anything else from the other side of the connection. If the creature is not within earshot of a similar elemental manifestation, you can maintain your concentration to wait until the creature comes close enough to such a feature. The connection lasts until you stop concentrating on it, use this ability again, or until the creature moves away from the conduit.