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Earth Child

Source Occult Realms pg. 8
Element earth; Type utility (Su); Level 3; Burn
Blending your form with crystal, you have transmuted yourself into something akin to an oread. You keep your original racial abilities (including your ability score adjustments, but not your movement speed) and also gain all oread racial abilities (including an oread’s movement speed and the outsider [native] type) except for ability score adjustments. You have the crystalline form alternate racial trait (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Race Guide 144) instead of earth affinity, but cannot otherwise choose alternate racial traits.


See the book Occult Realms for more information on elemental saturation and attunements.

A geokineticist must spend 9 days in quiet contemplation in a fetal position amid the crystals of the Crystal Womb, succeeding at a DC 20 Knowledge (dungeoneering) check each day. Crystals gradually grow on her until she is completely covered. If she fails a check, she must start over, and after each failure she must succeed at a DC 20 Fortitude save or develop a deformity from the mutant template (Bestiary 5 180). At the end of the ninth day, she emerges reborn, with the earth child wild talent in place of one of her 3rd-level or lower utility talents. A geokineticist can halt this attunement at any point without incurring negative effects.