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Light Ranged Weapons (Heavy Weaponry)

One-Handed Ranged Weapons (Heavy Weaponry)

Two-Handed Ranged Weapons (Heavy Weaponry)

NameCostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeCapacityUsageWeightTypeSpecial
Atom gun144,000 gpSpecialSpecial40-ft. cone24 lbs.SpecialScatter, slow-firing, touch
Beam cannon (arc cannon)40,000 gp2d63d6x2300 ft.501 charge18 lbs.EAutomatic, touch
Beam cannon (EMP cannon)58,000 gpSpecialSpecialx2300 ft.501 charge18 lbs.SpecialAutomatic, touch
Beam cannon (laser cannon)40,000 gp2d63d6x2300 ft.501 charge18 lbs.FAutomatic, touch
Beam cannon (sonic cannon)58,000 gp2d63d6x2300 ft.501 charge18 lbs.SonicAutomatic, touch
Beam cannon (zero cannon)40,000 gp2d63d6x2300 ft.501 charge18 lbs.CAutomatic, touch
Fleshnet cannon3,000 gpSpecialSpecial20 ft.101 (disposable)11 lbs.SpecialSingle shot, touch
Grenade launcher8,000 gpVariesVaries100 ft.20 (5 grenades)1 grenade and 1 charge8 lbs.VariesSlow-firing
Nuclear resonator90,000 gpSpecialSpecial18-20/x280 ft. (see text)205 charges11 lbs.SonicSlow-firing, touch
Plasmathrower30,000 gp2d104d619-20/x260 ft.202 charges15 lbs.E and FAutomatic or slow-firing, scatter, touch
Rail gun30,000 gp3d83d10x4200 ft.101 charge14 lbs.B and PSlow-firing, touch
Rocket launcher10,800 gp8d612d6120 ft.101 (disposable)10 lbs.B and FSlow-firing, touch
Vortex gun182,000 gp8d610d619-20/x2100-ft. cone3010 charges15 lbs.ForceSlow-firing, scatter, touch
X-laser40,000 gp6d45d6x4200 ft.205 charges10 lbs.FTouch