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Source The Worldwound pg. 29
Type injury or ingested; Fortitude Save DC 18
Onset 1 day; Frequency 1/day
Effect 1d3 Con damage and 1d6 Wis damage, and victim is fatigued if it takes any ability damage from the disease; certain creatures slain by demonplague rise as plagued beasts (see page 56)
Cure 3 consecutive saves
Of the afflictions wreaked upon Sarkoris by the Worldwound and Deskari’s host, the demonplague is perhaps the most insidious. This vile sickness spreads through water, affecting plant and animal life alike. In higher creatures, the demonplague causes madness and then death, but in animals and other unintelligent beasts, it continues beyond death, animating them as undead horrors called plagued beasts (see page 56). The plague also twists and corrupts plant life— most of the hazardous plants detailed below are the results of normal plants becoming corrupted by the demonplague.

An explorer in the Worldwound can be exposed to the demonplague in a number of ways. Plagued beasts carry the sickness, and contact with a living sufferer can result in infection. In addition, each day a person attempts a Survival check to live off the land in the Worldwound, there’s a chance he is exposed to the plague, as described on page 28 and varying in likelihood by region. A creature suffering from demonplague begins to grow paranoid, and is prone to increasingly realistic hallucinations. Its body slowly decays away, starting with the loss of fingernails, teeth, and hair, but advancing to complete limb loss or gaping wounds in the hours before death.

Beyond the Worldwound’s borders, the plague is much less virulent. Creatures gain a +4 bonus on saving throws against demonplague outside of the Worldwound, and those suffering from it aren’t contagious (although creatures like plagued beasts can still infect victims with it).