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Description Source: PRPG Core Rulebook
No other affliction is so prevalent as poison. From the fangs of a viper to the ichor-stained assassin's blade, poison is a constant threat. Poisons can be cured by successful saving throws and spells such as neutralize poison.

Source Inner Sea Intrigue
Triggered Poisons: Numerous Inner Sea poisons are designed to take effect only after exposure to a particular stimulus. Poisons in this section with onset triggers list the specific triggers in their Onset entries (rather than a number of rounds, minutes, or days). A character who fails his Fortitude saving throw upon exposure doesn’t start attempting saving throws against the poison’s effects until exposed to the listed stimulus.

Some triggered poisons have initial and secondary effects. The first time after an affected character triggers the poison and fails a saving throw to resist the poison, the character suffers the initial effect. If the affected character fails any subsequent saving throws, he suffers the secondary effect. Unless noted otherwise, a triggered poison that isn’t triggered after 1 day has no effect.

NameTypeSaving ThrowOnsetFrequencyEffectCost
BlackfrostcontactFort DC 151 minute1/min. for 6 mins.2d6 hp dam... / 1d2 Con da...N/A
Blue lily extractcontact or injestedFort DC 14 (18 if injested)1 minute1/hour for 6 hours1d4 Wisdom...N/A
Lethe wateringestedWill DC 161/rd. for 6 rds.1d4 Int an...N/A
Maiden lily attarinhaledFort DC 131/rd. for 4 rds.unconsciou... / unconsciou...N/A
Quicklimecontact or inhaledFort DC 181/rd. for 6 rds.1d2 Con da...N/A
Slow nectarinjuryFort DC 171/rd. for 6 rds.1d3 Dex da...N/A
Spidervine poisoninjuryFort DC 151/rd. for 6 rds.paralysis / 1d2 Con da...N/A
Pupil's friendingestedFort DC 1010 minutes1/min. for 15 mins.sickened f...30 gp
Dhabba spittleinjuryFort DC 121d6 acid d... / 1d4 Dex50 gp
Red tearsinjuryFort DC 151/rd. for 10 rds.1d6 points...50 gp
Might blightinjuryFort DC 131 round1/rd. for 4 rds.1 Str dama...60 gp
AddlemindingestedFort DC 151 minute1/min. for 10 mins.1d2 Wisdom...75 gp
Concentrated laxativeingestedFort DC 1210 minutes1/min. for 2 mins.This mixtu...75 gp
Drow poisoninjuryFort DC 131/min. for 2 mins.unconsciou... / unconsciou...75 gp
Gelidburn oilinjuryFort DC 121 rd. for 4 rds.1d3 fire, ...75 gp
Goblin's eyeingestedFort DC 131 minute1/min. for 6 mins.1 Con dama...75 gp
Vampire's kissinjuryFort DC 151/rd. for 2 rds.1d2 Con da... / bleed dama...75 gp
Confabulation powderinhaledFort DC 181/min. for 2 mins.staggered ... / If already...80 gp
Baneberryingested or injuryFort DC 151 round (injury), 30 minutes (ingested)1/min. for 5 mins.1d3 Streng...90 gp
Oil of taggitingestedFort DC 151 minuteunconsciou...90 gp
Small centipede poisoninjuryFort DC 111/rd. for 4 rds.1 Dex90 gp
ThornapplecontactFort DC 1110 minutes1/min. for 6 mins.1 Int dama...90 gp
BelladonnaingestedFort DC 1410 minutes1/min. for 6 mins.1d2 Str, s...100 gp
BloodrootinjuryFort DC 121 round1/rd. for 4 rds.1 Con and ...100 gp
BloodwineingestedFort DC 251/min. for 6 mins.sickened f... / 1d3 Wis da...100 gp
Flayleaf spider venominjuryFort DC 111d3 Con / 1d3 Con100 gp
FrightshadeinhaledFort DC 141/rd. for 4 rds.This plant...100 gp
Frostsporeingested or injuryFort DC 131/rd. for 6 rds.1d6 cold d...100 gp
Greenblood oilinjuryFort DC 131/rd. for 4 rds.1 Con100 gp
Numbing poisoninjuryFort DC 131d3 Str an... / 1d3 Str an...100 gp
WoundwealinjuryFort DC 181 round1/dayimpaired h...100 gp
ArsenicingestedFort DC 1310 minutes1/min. for 4 mins.1d2 Con120 gp
Black adder venominjuryFort DC 111/rd. for 6 rds.1d2 Con120 gp
Blue whinnisinjuryFort DC 141/rd. for 2 rds.1 Con / unconsciou...120 gp
CalotropisingestedFort DC 141 hour1/min. for 6 mins.1 Wis dama...120 gp
Liquid persuasioningestedFort DC 1110 minutes1/min. for 5 mins.1 Wis dama...120 gp
Goblinvine oilcontactFort DC 101 roundsickened125 gp
Id mossingestedFort DC 1410 minutes1/min. for 6 mins.1d3 Int125 gp
Draughtcap fungusingestedFort DC 164d6 hours1/hour for 8 hours1d2 Str da...150 gp
Indigo dreamsingestedFort DC 1310 minutes1/min. for 6 mins.1d3 Wis150 gp
Marvelous fear gasinhaledFort DC 17injury or affected by any fear condition or effect1/min. for 4 mins.shaken for... / 1d2 Wisdom...150 gp
Medium spider venominjuryFort DC 141/rd. for 4 rds.1d2 Str150 gp
Rainbow scarab shellinjuryFort DC 141 round1/rd. for 4 rds.1d4 Streng...150 gp
Alchemical isolationinhaledFort DC 131/min. for 2 mins.deafened f... / blinded fo...175 gp
InsecticideinhaledFort DC 10 (see text)1/rd. for 3 rds.1 Str dama...175 gp
Striped toadstoolingestedFort DC 1110 minutes1/min. for 4 mins.1d3 Wis an...180 gp
Black whinnisinjuryFort DC 141/rd. for 2 rds.1 Con dama... / nausea for...200 gp
Chelish deathappleingestedFort DC 231 minute1/min. for 2 mins.enter a de... / remain in ...200 gp
Hazemind concentrateinjuryFort DC 161 round1/rd. for 6 rds.The subjec...200 gp
Large scorpion venominjuryFort DC 171/rd. for 6 rds.1d2 Str200 gp
Purple peshingestedFort DC 181d2 Con an... / unconsciou...200 gp
SpellscorchinjuryFort DC 141/rd. for 4 rds.Refined fr...200 gp
Giant wasp poisoninjuryFort DC 181/rd. for 6 rds.1d2 Dex210 gp
Hazemind mistinhaledFort DC 131 round1/rd. for 10 rds.The subjec...225 gp
Diplopic seruminjuryFort DC 151/rd. for 6 rds.1d2 Wis da...250 gp
Malyass root pastecontactFort DC 161 minute1/min. for 6 mins.1d2 Dex250 gp
Nymph's lureingestedFort DC 151d4 hours1/hour for 8 hours1d2 Str an...250 gp
Shadow essenceinjuryFort DC 171/rd. for 6 rds.1 Str drai... / 1d2 Str250 gp
Blackfinger's saltingestedFort DC 1710 minutes1/min. for 6 minute1d2 Con an...300 gp
Sassone leaf residuecontactFort DC 161 minute1/min. for 6 mins.2d12 hp / 1 Con300 gp
Sloth's biteinjuryFort DC 181/rd. for 6 rds.This poiso...300 gp
Starving nettleinjuryFort DC 151/day for 8 days1d3 Dex an...300 gp
Count Ambras's punishmentcontactFort DC 161 minute1/min. for 6 mins.1 Dex drai... / 1d2 Dex dr...350 gp
OssivaneinjuryFort DC 181/rd. for 6 rds. (see text)1d3 Dex350 gp
Slaver's willingestedFort DC 1410 minutes1/hour for 8 hours 1 Wis dam...350 gp
Blackfinder's silenceinjuryFort DC 141/rd. for 4 rds.unable to ...400 gp
Bloodbrain VenominjuryFort DC 171/rd. for 6 rds.1d6 Str da... / 1d3 Str da...400 gp
Brinestump specialingestedFort DC 151 roundnauseated ...400 gp
Cloudthorn venominjuryFort DC 141d4 rounds1/hour for 3 hours1d3 Str an...400 gp
Gray justiceinjuryFort DC 181/min. for 10 mins.1d2 Wis, s...400 gp
Lich dustingestedFort DC 1710 minutes1/min. for 6 mins.1d3 Str400 gp
Peasant's woeinjuryFort DC 151/rd. for 4 rds.-10 ft. to... / 1 Dex dama...400 gp
Rainbow jellyfish toxincontact, injuryFort DC 141/rd. for 2 rds.staggered ... / paralyzed ...400 gp
Swampseer poisoningestedFort DC 1810 minutes1/min. for 3 mins.1d4 Wis / 1d2 Wis an...400 gp
Terinav rootcontactFort DC 161 minute1/min. for 6 mins.1d3 Dex400 gp
Blue staringestedFort DC 1510 minutes1/min. for 6 mins.1d2 Con da...500 gp
Calistria's revengeingestedFort DC 16consuming one or more alchoholic drink1/min. for 6 mins.1d2 Dexter...500 gp
Fiddleback venominjury, ingestedFort DC 131 minute1/min. for 6 mins.nauseated ... / 1d3 Str da...500 gp
Halo mushroom toxiningestedFort DC 1810 minutes1/min. for 6 mins.distractio... / 1d4 Wisdom...500 gp
Laughing gasinhaledFort DC 12immediate1/rd. for 5 rds.The subjec...500 gp
Mage banecontactFort DC 20+10 to all... / +10 to all...500 gp
Riddleport teaingestedFort DC 15confusi... / fatigue500 gp
WolfsbaneingestedFort DC 1610 minutes1/min. for 6 mins.1d3 Con500 gp
Crone's curseinhaledFort DC 161d4 hours1/day for 6 days1 Dex and ...600 gp
Jackalroot essenceinjuryFort DC 181/rd. for 1d6 rds.uncontroll...600 gp
Smell of fearinhaledFort DC 171/min. for 6 mins.1d2 Wis da...600 gp
Tears of perfectioninjuryFort DC 181 round1/rd. for 4 rds.1d2 Wis da... / blindness ...600 gp
Tongue twistinjuryFort DC 161/rd. for 6 rds.1d2 Int da...600 gp
NitharitcontactFort DC 131 minute1/min. for 6 mins.1d3 Con650 gp
Witch-hunter's swordingestedFort DC 1910 minutes1/hour for 8 hours1 Int, Wis...650 gp
Purple worm poisoninjuryFort DC 241/rd. for 6 rds.1d3 Str700 gp
JuvebloomingestedFort DC 161 day1day for 7 days1 Wis drai...750 gp
Liquid leprosycontactFort DC 201 minute1/min. for 6 mins.Each time ...750 gp
Muddling heresyinjuryFort DC 201/rd. for 6 rds.1d4+1 Wis ...750 gp
Twilight illnesscontactFort DC 19eating food1/hour for 8 hoursnauseated ...750 gp
Vessel betweeningestedFort DC 20sickened1/min. for 4 mins.1d2 Consti...750 gp
Black spider marsh poisoninjuryFort DC 141/rd. for 6 rds.1d4 Dex an...800 gp
Brain blotinhaledFort DC 131 minute1/min. for 6 mins.-5 on conc... / 1 Int dama...800 gp
Cytillesh extractingestedFort DC 181/hour for 8 hoursThe victim...800 gp
Dark reaver powderingestedFort DC 1810 minutes1/min. for 6 mins.1d3 Con an...800 gp
Violet venomcontactFort DC 131/min. for 6 mins.1d2 Str an...800 gp
Flaming doominjuryFort DC 181/rd. for 6 rds.1d6 fire d...900 gp
Fury gasinhaledFort DC 161/min. for 4 mins.Non-orcs a...900 gp
Nights-eye dustinhaledFort DC 131/rd. for 6 rds.shaken / blinded fo...900 gp
SweetdreaminhaledFort DC 191 round1/min. for 2 mins.sleep for ... / sleep for ...900 gp
Third eyecontactFort DC 171 minute1/rd. for 6 rds.1d3 Wis da...900 gp
BloodpyrecontactFort DC 141/rd. for 6 rds.1 Cha, Int...1,000 gp
Cockatrice spitcontact, injury, ingestedFort DC 121/rd. for 4 rds.1d2 Dex da...1,000 gp
RagespittlecontactFort DC 171 minute1/min. for 6 mins.1d2 Dex, s...1,000 gp
Ungol dustinhaledFort DC 151/rd. for 4 rds.1 Cha drai... / 1d2 Cha1,000 gp
Blistercap sporecontactFort DC 201/rd. for 6 rds.1d2 Dex dr... / sickened f...1,125 gp
Blistercap spore poisoncontactFort DC 201/rd. for 6 rds.1d2 Dex dr... / sickened f...1,125 gp
Lungsap powderinhaledFort DC 161/rd. for 4 rds.This fine ...1,200 gp
LungtakerinhaledFort DC 171/rd. for 6 rds.1d6 Str; I...1,200 gp
Red bedlamingestedFort DC 1510 minutes1/min. for 10 mins.confusion1,200 gp
Skinsap extractinjuryFort DC 161/rd. for 6 rds.staggered ... / 1d2 Dexter...1,400 gp
Azure lily polleninhaledFort DC 151/min. for 2 mins.nauseated ... / paralyzed ...1,500 gp
Breath of the mantis godinhaledFort DC 211/min. for 6 mins.1d4 bleed;... / 1d3 Con da...1,500 gp
Demon nettle sapinjuryFort DC 211/rd. for 6 rds.1d2 Wis dr...1,500 gp
Dragon bilecontactFort DC 261/rd. for 6 rds.1d3 Str1,500 gp
Hag spitinjury, ingestedFort DC 161/rd. for 6 rds.blindness ... / 1d4 Wis da...1,500 gp
Insanity mistinhaledFort DC 151/rd. for 6 rds.1d3 Wis1,500 gp
Insanity pillingestedFort DC 14creature a...1,500 gp
Leng's tearscontactFort DC 181 round1/10 mins. for 1 hour1d2 Wisdom...1,500 gp
NerveblastinjuryFort DC 191/rd. for 6 rds.1 Dex drai...1,500 gp
ScholarblightinhaledFort DC 151/min. for 6 mins.1d3 Int, s...1,500 gp
MindrustinhaledFort DC 201/rd. for 6 rds.1 Wis dama...1,600 gp
Aconite rootingestedFort DC 251 minute1/rd. for 5 rds.1d3 Dex da...1,800 gp
DeathbladeinjuryFort DC 201/rd. for 6 rds.1d3 Con1,800 gp
Nightmare vaporinhaledFort DC 201/rd. for 6 rds.1 Wis and ...1,800 gp
Burnt othur fumesinhaledFort DC 181/rd. for 6 rds.1 Con drai... / 1d3 Con2,100 gp
Grinding joint pasteingestedFort DC 1610 minutes1/min. for 6 mins.1d4 Dexter...2,100 gp
Dream crystal toxiningested or injuryWill DC 201/hour for 6 hours1d2 Int dr...2,500 gp
Dreaming deathinhaledFort DC 1610 minutes1/10 mins. for 1 hoursleep 10 m...2,500 gp
Everwake serumingestedFort DC 161/day for 5 dayscannot vol...2,500 gp
HemlockingestedFort DC 1810 minutes1/min. for 6 mins.1d6 Dex, s...2,500 gp
Hydrofluoric acidcontactFort DC 201 minute1/rd. for 6 rds.1d2 Str dr...2,500 gp
Snap willingestedFort DC 185 minutes1/min. for 10 mins.The subjec...2,500 gp
Styx sapcontactFort DC 181d4 minutes1/10 mins. for 60 mins.1d4 Wis da...2,600 gp
Wyvern poisoninjuryFort DC 171/rd. for 6 rds.1d4 Con3,000 gp
CyanidecontactFort DC 201 minute1/rd. for 6 rds.1d4 Con da...4,000 gp
Black lotus extractcontactFort DC 201 minute1/rd. for 6 rds.1d6 Con4,500 gp
Leopard's baneingestedFort DC 201 minute1/rd. for 6 rds.Consuming ...4,500 gp
King's sleepingestedFort DC 191 day1/day1 Con drai...5,000 gp
WhisperwoundingestedFort DC 201 minute1 round1d6 Consti...5,000 gp
ShamweedcontactFort DC 18immediate and 1 week, see effectvaries, see effect+1 Con/day... / all Con ga...6,500 gp
Tears of deathcontactFort DC 221 minute1/min. for 6 mins.1d6 Con an...6,500 gp
Widow's kissingestedFort DC 241d4 days1/day1d3 Con, s...7,000 gp
Kiss of barbatoscontact, ingestedFort DC 231d6 days1/dayfatigued, ...7,500 gp
Fool's LeprosyingestedFort DC 201 day1/day for 6 days1d2 Cha da...10,000 gp