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Slayer Archetypes

Ankou's ShadowStudied Target; Stalker; Quarry; Improved QuarryAnkou’s shadow practice the deadliest skills of the First World’s most feared enforcers: terrifying, winged fey assassins dispatched by the greatest lords of the First World to eliminate their rivals
AvalancherStudied Target; Track; Swift Tracker; Stalker; Quarry; Improved Quarry; Master SlayerAvalanchers attack from overhead cliffs and mesas like a landslide of arrows and blades.
Bloody JakeAlignment; Weapon and Armor Proficiency; Studied Target; 4th, 6th, 8th, 12th, 16th-level Slayer Talents; Swift Tracker; Slayer's Advance Bloody jakes are cruel backwoods folk who prey upon their country cousins while terrorizing civilized people who venture into their rural range.
Bounty HunterWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; 2nd, 6th, and 10th-level Slayer TalentsWhether tasked with bringing in wanted criminals or paid to drag debtors back to their loan sharks, bounty hunters are valued for their ability to capture targets alive.
Butterfly BladeStudied Target; Track; Sneak Attack; Stalker; Swift Tracker; Quarry; Improved QuarryButterfly blades work in the shadows, eliminating threats with their namesake weapons and intimidating troublesome nobles.
CleanerTrack; 4th-level Slayer Talent; StalkerA cleaner is responsible for destroying or removing incriminating evidence from a crime scene, disposing of corpses and eliminating witnesses to make a crime look like an accident or a mere disappearance.
CovenbaneTrack; 2nd-level Slayer Talent; Stalker; Swift TrackerCovenbane slayers are scarred by arcane magic at a young age, and that resonance gives them supernatural insight into the psychic bonds between others.
CutthroatClass Skills; Track; 2nd and 6th-level Slayer TalentsStreet-smart and extremely resourceful, cutthroats stalk city streets and alleyways, preying on those unfortunate enough to catch their eye.
DelivererWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; 2nd, 6th, and 10th-level Slayer TalentsAlso known as a divine assassin, god’s blade, or wrath-bringer, a deliverer is a weapon chosen by a god to punish those who have committed an affront to that deity.
Dune RiderTrack; Swift Tracker; Studied Target; Stalker, 4th, 8th-level Slayer Talent; Master SlayerMounted harriers, saboteurs, and skirmishers, dune riders can disrupt even the most organized opposition.
Family Hunter2nd, 6th-level Slayer Talent; Sneak Attack; Studied Target Most slayers focus their efforts on single targets, but family hunters try to root out every branch of a tainted tree of life.
Grave Warden2nd and 10th-level Slayer Talents; Stalker; While paladins and inquisitors use their connection with the divine to fight undead hordes and other horrors of the night, a grave warden relies on knowledge, skill with weapons, and tenacity to put an end to these night-born terrors.
GuerrillaTrack; Swift Tracker; 6th-level Slayer Talent; Quarry; Improved QuarrySlayers characterized by cunning and patience, guerrillas specialize in ambush and harassment of enemies.
PurebladeTrack; 2nd and 8th-level Slayer Talents; Stalker; Master SlayerIn Numeria, Pureblades are skilled at slaying naturally arising aberrations and any creatures that have been mutated by exposure to the bizarre alien technology that pervades the land. Pureblades from Alkenstar and Nex lead forays into the magic-starved Mana Wastes to eliminate aberrations before the creatures can threaten their lands.
Sczarni ExecutionerClass Skills; Studied Target; 4th-level Slayer Talent; Swift Tracker; Quarry; Improved QuarryThese professional killers are trained and used almost exclusively by the various Sczarni crime families.
SniperTrackWhether it’s with a bullet from a sling, a quarrel from a crossbow, or even an expertly thrown dagger, the sniper ensures that a single shot disables his targets.
Spawn SlayerStudied Target; Stalker; Master SlayerGenerations of Ninshaburian warriors fought the Spawn of Rovagug, holding the line against impossible odds. Some of their ancient techniques persist to this day.
Spire DiverStudied Target; Stalker; Track; Swift Tracker; Slayer's Advance; Quarry; Improved QuarryPeerless divers, assassins, and scouts, spire divers operate in and out of water using the same weapons and equipment.
Spiritslayer2nd level Slayer Talent; StalkerSlayers that focus in culling ghosts, shadow demons, and other incorporeal creatures.
Stygian SlayerArmor Proficiencies; 4th and 10th-level Slayer Talents; StalkerA stygian slayer crawls out of the darkest shadows to strike fear into the hearts of civilized folk.
Toxic SniperWeapon and Armor Proficiencies; Track; Studied Target; Slayer Talents Followers of the daemonic harbinger Cixyron hide throughout the Mana Wastes, scavenging for guns. With significant firepower in hand, the Furious Thunder’s snipers bring poisonous death to the wastes.
TurncoatTrack; Stalker; Quarry; Improved QuarryThe turncoat’s natural talents for deception and treachery are fitting when negotiating with the untrustworthy individuals and his ability to adapt allows him to preempt opponents’ schemes.
VanguardTrack; 2nd and 4th-level Slayer Talents; StalkerVanguards are battlefield commanders who focus on the brutality of combat and lead their allies to bloody victory.
Velvet BladeClass Skills; Armor Proficiency; Studied Target; Track; Swift TrackerVelvet blades specialize in infiltrating the upper echelons of society, mingling with nobles and courtiers, and killing them.
Witch KillerClass Skills; Studied Target; 4th, 10th-level Slayer TalentBorn into cultures where magic users are hated and feared, witch killers devote their lives to purge the arcane taint from the world.
Woodland SniperTrack; Sneak Attack; Stalker; Swift Tracker; Slayer's AdvanceWoodland snipers are guardians of forest and grove, keeping vigil on their borders and hunting bounties and trespassers from the shelter of sturdy branches.