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Ranger Archetypes

Abendego DiverWeapon and Armor Proficiencies; Track; Wild Empathy; Favored Terrain; Woodland Stride; Swift Tracker; Master Hunter Named for the vicious and unending storm in the southern Arcadian Ocean, Abendego divers have pushed their bodies to their limits, holding their breath to expand their lung capacity and swimming until ocean travel is second nature to them.
Battle ScoutHunter’s Bond; 2nd, 3rd, 4th Favored Enemies; Master HunterThough regular outdoorsmen might suffice in many cases, some large forces look to battle scouts to keep the body of their troops safe and prepared for the terrain and whatever dangers that terrain hides.
Beast MasterHunter's Bond; 6th-level Combat Style Feat; CamouflageSome rangers, particularly those in primitive lands or who were raised by animals, have unusually strong bonds with animals.
BlightwardenFavored Enemy; Wild Empathy; 1st Favored Terrain; Endurance; Some rangers feel so closely connected to their homelands that they stand as guardians against pervasive corruptions that pervert those lands beyond the point of recognition.
Bow NomadWild Empathy; Combat Style; Endurance; Favored Terrain; 6th-level Combat Feat; Camouflage; Hide in Plain Sight(Kasatha Only) Thanks to their four arms, kasathas can master a combat form native to their home world and rarely witnessed on Golarion—wielding two bows at once.
Cinderwalker1st Favored Terrain; Wild Empathy; Hunter’s Bond; Woodland StrideCinderwalkers traverse burning wastelands and restless mountains, thriving in lands most creatures avoid.
Code RunnerClass Skills; Wild Empathy; Hunter's BondA code runner specializes in the subtle and speedy transfer of secret messages.
Corpse HunterClass Skills; Spells; Favored Enemies; Woodland Stride; Swift TrackerMany rangers count the undead among their favored enemies, but some make a full-time job out of hunting down and destroying these walking corpses.
DandyClass Skills; Favored Enemy; Wild Empathy; Favored Terrain; Hunter's Bond; Spellcasting; Woodland StrideThe antithesis of the gruff and wild woodsmen, a dandy takes effort to master the subtle etiquette of noble courts, the whispers of dark rumors, and the customs of the cultured world.
Darklands SailorTrack; Favored Terrain; Woodland Stride; Swift Tracker; Camouflage; Hide in Plain SightThose plying the lightless waters of the Darklands learn to use sound to augment their compromised vision, providing insight into the hazards lurking below the surface.
Deep WalkerFavored Terrain; Woodland Stride; Camouflage; Hide in Plain SightSome rangers devote their lives to the woods, becoming hunters, protectors, and wilderness guides among its diverse terrain types.
Divine TrackerAlignment; Wild Empathy; Hunter’s BondBlessed by his deity, a divine tracker hunts down those he deems deserving of his retribution.
Dragon HunterClass Skills; Track; 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th-level Favored EnemiesThe quintessential dragonslayers, dragon hunters are experts at forging through the wilds in search of great wyrms.
Drake WardenHunter's Bond; 2nd Favored Enemy; Swift Tracker Some rangers specialize in dealing with rambunctious younger drakes and thanks to their methods, their drakes are both fiercely loyal and extremely useful for scouting and stealth missions.
Dungeon RoverClass Skills; Track; Wild Empathy; Hunter’s Bond; Woodland Stride; Swift TrackerThese rangers specialize in surviving hostile subterranean environs. They are well equipped to avoid traps, spot secret passages, and deal with inimical dungeon tenants.
Dusk StalkerClass Skills; Favored Terrain; Hunter’s Bond; Camouflage(Fetchling Only) Hunters and guides through the Shadow Plane, dusk stalkers are rangers that thrive in shadow.
Elemental EnvoyCombat Style; Favored TerrainAn elemental envoy travels the Elemental Planes. He has learned to protect himself from their many dangers, and he models his fighting style after their teachings.
FalconerWild Empathy; Hunter’s Bond; 6th-level Combat Style FeatRangers have always enjoyed a special bond with a specific animal, but the falconer takes this bond to a deeper level.
FlamewardenHunter's Bond; Spells; Evasion; Camouflage; Improved Evasion; Master HunterEmulating the blazing phoenix, flamewardens sweep through the world like a selective forest fire, burning away corruption, evil, and those who cling to decay.
Fortune-FinderTrack; Hunter's Bond; Woodland Stride; Quarry; Improved Quarry; Master Hunter Vanaras often leave home to seek fortune and sate their curiosity regarding the mysterious lands that lie beyond their native territories. The most skilled of these thrillseekers are called ba-sadhaks, or fortune-finders.
FreebooterFavored Enemy; Hunter's Bond; Woodland StrideA freebooter is a natural leader, a pirate who works well with a variety of people and in a variety of roles.
Galvanic SaboteurClass Skills; Favored Enemy; Wild Empathy; Favored Terrain; Woodland Stride; Swift Tracker; Camouflage; Hide in Plain SightMany Kellid locals blame Kevoth-Kul’s change on the influence of the Technic League and view both the League and their mechanical minions with a mix of fear and distrust. Some Kellid rangers have since developed skills to defeat the League’s robotic enforcers and devious arcanists.
GroomTrack; Endurance; 1st Favored TerrainThe groom attends to the needs of the party’s mounts and beasts of burden during their adventures, and guards these animals while the party goes underground.
GuideFavored Enemy; Hunter's Bond; Evasion; Quarry; Improved Quarry; Improved EvasionMany rangers are loners, but some choose to use their familiarity with the land to guide others safely through the wilderness.
GuildbreakerClass Skills; Favored Enemy; Wild Empathy; Hunter's Bond; Woodland StrideGuildbreakers stoke their enmity for their foes, and they train to track the movements of rival organizations, and even to infiltrate these groups to gather secret intelligence.
Hooded Champion1st-level Favored Enemy; Combat Syle; Wild Empathy; Endurance; Evasion; Improved EvasionThe hooded champion lives on the periphery of civilized lands, and is often at odds with the forces of law and order.
Horse LordHunter's Bond; Camouflage; Hide in Plain SightRangers of the plains use horses or other riding beasts to hunt their lands, forging a near-mystical relationship with their mounts.
Ilsurian ArcherTrack; Wild Empathy; Combat Style; Spellcasting; Swift Tracking; Quarry; Improved QuarryIlsurian archers maintain the strong tradition of archery first developed by soldiers in the service of Ilsur, who raised a small army with which he intended to overthrow the monarch of Korvosa after the fall of the Chelish Empire.
InfiltratorFavored TerrainSome rangers study their favored enemies and learn their ways, applying this knowledge to their own abilities and using their foes’ strengths against them.
Jungle LordClass Skills; Weapon and Armor Proficiency; Favored Enemy; Favored Terrain; Hunter's Bond; Spells; 5th, 10th, 15th, 18th-level Favored Terrain; Quarry; Improved Quarry; Camouflage; Master HunterJungle lords are tempered by their harsh and unforgiving environments into something more than ordinary men and women.
Lantern LighterWild Empathy; Endurance; Favored Terrain; Woodland Stride; Camouflage; Hide in Plain SightLantern lighters were originally entrusted with secretly eliminating the drow and quarantining any knowledge of their existence, but in the new Lantern Bearer era, the lantern lighters have refocused their efforts on helping to rescue those imprisoned by the drow, or even to help individual drow who seek to escape the cruelties of their society for a chance at redemption on the surface.
Nirmathi IrregularNormal Weapon/Armor Proficiencies; Favored Enemy; Favored Terrain; Altered Spell ListAn irregular troop from Nirmathas, this ranger chooses to focus on the magic of stealth.
Planar ScoutClass Skills; Wild Empathy; Favored Terrain; Hunter's Bond; Evasion; Improved Evasion Planar scouts are rangers specializing in traversing the planes—and surviving their journeys.
Poison DarterFavored Enemy; Wild Empathy; Combat Style; Hunter's Bond; Master Hunter In dense jungles, foliage and tight spaces hinder all but the most deceptively humble weapons: blowguns and poison.
Raven MasterClass Skills; Wild Empathy; Hunter's Bond; Woodland Stride; Swift Tracker; Camouflage; SpellcastingRaven masters serve as messengers and spies for the Silver Ravens, eschewing a ranger’s usual connection to the natural world to form a mystic bond with their birds and to grant both animal and master a number of specialized abilities
Realm WandererClass Skills; Track; Hunter's Bond; Swift Tracker; Master HunterThese rangers take to heart the lessons they’ve learned from their vastly contrasting experiences and know that creatively embracing this wisdom is sometimes the difference between life and death.
Sable Company MarineHunter’s BondSable Company marines receive their training at the elite Endrin Military Academy in Korvosa. A large portion of their education is the handling and riding of hippogriffs, the iconic mounts of members of the company.
SentinelWild Empathy; Hunter's Bond; Woodland Stride; 6th-level Combat Style Feat; Quarry; Improved Quarry A sentinel specializes in heightening all of her senses to expose spies and those who work for opposing factions, rooting out all who attempt to slip past her evervigilant watch.
ShapeshifterFavored Terrain; Camouflage; Master HunterMost rangers venture into the wilderness, but there are some who let the wilderness seep into them.
SkirmisherSpellsMany rangers rely on spells, but there are some who eschew aid from divine powers for their own reasons.
Spirit RangerHunter's Bond; CamouflageSome rangers nurture a connection with the spirits that reside in all things.
StormwalkerCombat Style; Hunter's Bond; Swift Tracker; Quarry; Improved Evasion; Improved QuarryRangers who walk in the tempest unafraid draw the power of the storm into themselves and become stormwalkers.
Summit SentinelCombat Style; Favored Terrain; Swift Tracker; Hide in Plain SightSome rangers eschew the path of the swift skirmisher and embrace the implacable strength of the mountain.
Sword-DevilClass Skills; Favored Enemy; Favored Terrain; Hunter's Bond; Spells; Quarry; Improved Quarry; Master HunterAgile, vengeful, and deadly, a sword-devil fights with precision and grace, channeling the difficult lessons of a star-crossed life into unparalleled battle prowess.
Tanglebriar DemonslayerClass Skills; Favored Enemy; Endurance; Spells; Quarry; Improved QuarryThough they are sworn foes of Treerazer and his kin, Tanglebriar demonslayers are known to venture forth from Kyonin to broaden their expertise in the destruction of demons.
Tidal HunterWild Empathy; 6th-level Combat Style Feat; Track; Camouflage; Favored Terrain; Woodland Stride; Improved EvasionThe tidal hunter draws strength from the fish and other wildlife of the deep.
Toxic HerbalistWild Empathy; Endurance; Hunter's Bond; Swift Tracker; Quarry; Improved QuarrySaviors and destroyers in equal measure, toxic herbalists use nature’s bounty to craft remedies and poisons.
ToxophiliteWild Empathy; Combat Style; Endurance; Quarry; Improved QuarryThe toxophilite emulates the sharpshooting rangers of legend, who could pin a fly to the wall with a single shot or split one arrow with another.
TransporterWild Empathy; Favored Terrain; Hunter's Bond; Woodland StrideTransporters specialize in smuggling people as efficiently as possible through harsh and difficult environments.
TrapperSpellsA trapper is a ranger who focuses exclusively on traps, rather than learning conventional magic.
Trophy HunterWild Empathy; Combat Feat Style; Hunter’s BondSome rangers have taken up the mysteries of black powder in order to become big game hunters.
Urban RangerFavored Terrain; Endurance; Woodland Stride; Camouflage; Hide in Plain SightFor the urban ranger, the streets and sewers of the city are just as dangerous as the barren wastelands or the deep forests.
WardenFavored Enemy; Combat Style Feats; Hunter’s Bond; Master HunterAll rangers have a bond with the wilderness, but the warden may have the strongest. This protector sits guard in the middle of the wilderness, keeping a lookout for any dangers that might spill from the deeper wilderness beyond, and protecting civilization from the savagery of nature—and vice versa.
Wave WardenTrack; Combat Style; Favored Terrain; Woodland Stride; Swift Tracker(Merfolk Only) The wave warden patrols beneath the sea, preserving the safety and secrets of merfolk communities.
Wild HunterFavored Enemy; Woodland Stride; Swift TrackerA wild hunter seeks to emulate the animals around him to keep him safe while he tracks his prey.
Wild ShadowTrack; Wild Empathy; Favored Terrain; Hunter’s Bond; Woodland Stride; Quarry; Camouflage; Improved Quarry(Half-Elf Only) The isolation that some half-elves feel leads them to live a life of isolation amid the wild places of the world.
Wild SoulCode of Conduct; Favored Enemy; Swift Tracker; Quarry; Improved Quarry; Master HunterWild souls hail from primitive roots in the wild and venture to more civilized lands and learn their ways.
Wild StalkerFavored Enemy; 2nd-level Combat Style Feat; Hunter’s BondThe wild stalker forsakes the bonds of community and lives in the trackless wilds far from others of his kind, or perhaps grew up there, never knowing of civilization as anything more than his enemy.
Wilderness ExplorerClass Skills; Wild Empathy; Hunter's Bond; Swift Tracker; Favored Terrain; Quarry; Improved QuarryWilderness explorers are adept at making peaceful contact with remote societies.
Wilderness MedicWild Empathy; Endurance; Evasion; Hunter's Bond; Improved Evasion Wilderness medics know a variety of ways they can supply and preserve a rebellion or similar movement without requiring any resources that might make them easier to track down.
WitchguardClass Skills; Hunter’s Bond; Endurance; Spells; Woodland StrideWitchguards are the sworn defenders of the White Witches of Irrisen.
Yokai HunterFavored Enemy; Woodland Stride; CamouflageYokai hunters possess a supernatural tether to the spirit worlds that shroud mortal existence.