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Sable Company Marine

Source Inner Sea Combat pg. 43, Paizo Blog - Sable Company Marine pg. 1
Sable Company marines receive their training at the elite Endrin Military Academy in Korvosa. A large portion of their education is the handling and riding of hippogriffs, the iconic mounts of members of the company.

Hippogriff Companion: At 2nd level, a Sable Company marine adds Monstrous Mount (see page 14) to the list of bonus feats made available to him by his chosen combat style, regardless of the style chosen. He can only use this feat to select a hippogriff mount (see page 14). If he does so, he treats his ranger level – 1 as his effective druid level. A marine who takes this option does not gain the hunter’s bond class feature at 4th level.

At 6th level, a Sable Company marine adds Monstrous Mount Mastery (see page 14) to the list of available bonus feats granted by his chosen combat style. If he takes this feat as his 6th-level combat style bonus feat, note that he must wait until 8th level before he meets the effective druid level prerequisite to utilize his mount’s mastery abilities.