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The following sample traps represent just some of the possibilities when constructing traps to challenge the player characters.
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Spring Snare

Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 172
Associated Terrain any forests, jungles, or swamps
Type mechanical; Perception DC 25; Disable Device DC 15


Trigger location; Reset manual
Effect A spring snare consists of a strong sapling that’s been bent down with a noose affixed to the end. When a creature enters a square trapped by a spring snare, the noose attempts to snare the triggering creature with a +15 on its combat maneuver check to grapple. If it succeeds, the tree snaps upright and flings the target into the air for 1d6 damage. The creature then remains suspended 10 feet off the ground until it breaks the grapple.

See Wilderness Traps for information on this traps Associated Terrain.