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The following sample traps represent just some of the possibilities when constructing traps to challenge the player characters.
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Musk Shower

Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 172
Associated Terrain any
Type mechanical; Perception DC 20; Disable Device DC 20


Trigger location; Reset none
Effect Effect This trap hides a jury-rigged container of absorbent debris that has been soaked in the musk of prey animals. When a creature enters a square trapped with a musk shower, the trap makes a +10 melee touch attack against the creature. On a hit, the musk shower deals no damage but douses the target in its strong scent. Creatures with scent double the range at which they can smell a doused creature for 1 week or until the musk is washed off with alcohol or another solvent. Creatures tracking the doused creature by smell gain a +10 bonus on Perception and Survival checks to track that target.

See Wilderness Traps for information on this traps Associated Terrain.