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Wilderness Origins

Estimated Release Date: 1/30/2019
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Arcanist Exploits [5]

Feral Shifting, Flame Control, Weather Sage, Wild Stride, Wooden Flesh

Archetypes [17]

Apex Species (Companion), Arcane Amplifier (Familiar), Champion of the Cascade (Paladin), Cinderlands Adept (Kineticist), Dragonblood Shifter (Shifter), Esoteric Starseeker (Psychic), Feyform Shifter (Shifter), Magaambyan Telepath (Psychic), Occult Messenger (Familiar), Parasite (Familiar), Perfumer (Alchemist), Petal Ninja (Ninja), Swarm Shifter (Shifter), Sworn of the Eldest (Inquisitor), Unexpected Intellectual (Companion), Verdivant (Cavalier), Ward Spiritualist (Spiritualist)

Barbarian Rage Powers [9]

Ancestor Totem (Su), Ancestor Totem, Greater (Su), Ancestor Totem, Lesser (Su), Moon Totem (Su), Moon Totem, Greater (Su), Moon Totem, Lesser (Su), Spire Totem (Su), Spire Totem, Greater (Su), Spire Totem, Lesser (Su)

Eidolon (Unchained) Subtypes [1]


Feats [28]

Bounteous Body, Changeling Familiar, Cherry Blossom Spell, Chimeric Adept, Chimeric Master, Curious Companion, Dryad's Apprentice, Dryad's Attendant, Elemental Claws, Favored Animal Focus, Friendly Face, Greater Spelleater, Greater Weapon Shift, Hefty Brute, Improved Weapon Shift, Kudzu Invasion, Kudzu Takeover, Mighty Boughs, Raking Claws, Repast of Heroes, Shapeless Familiar, Sinuous Vines, Spark of the Uncanny, Spellmirror, Strength of Wood, Treant's Call, Verdant Step, Weapon Shift

Kineticist Wild Talents [8]

Elemental Exile, Elemental Transmission, Elemental Trap, Fire Corridor, Fire Steed, Greater Fire Steed, Improved Fire Steed, Purifying Flames

Magic Items (Plants) [4]

Ambrosial Lotus, Cleanthistle, Ghostblossom, Gravebane Petals

Monk (Unchained) Ki Powers [3]

Floating Breath, Racing Current, Zephyr Blow

Oracle Curses [2]

Putrid, Scourge

Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [13]

Catfolk - Shifter, Dhampir - Shifter, Drow - Shifter, Gathlain - Shifter, Grippli - Shifter, Kitsune - Shifter, Kobold - Shifter, Orc - Shifter, Ratfolk - Shifter, Tiefling - Shifter, Undine - Shifter, Vanara - Shifter, Vine Leshy - Shifter

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [13]

Gathlain - Arboreal Vitality, Vine Leshy - Curosity, Ghoran - Fecund Earth, Gathlain - Fey Resilience, Ghoran - Intoxicating Aroma, Vine Leshy - Lashvine, Ghoran - Magical Absorption, Gathlain - Natural Bounty, Ghoran - Natural Camouflage, Vine Leshy - Seasoned Spirit, Gathlain - Soaring Agility, Gathlain - Whimsical Outlook, Vine Leshy - Writing Eye

Shaman Spirits [1]


Shifter Aspects [9]

Boar, Crocodile, Dolphin, Dragonfly, Electric Eel, Mantis, Octopus, Scorpion, Spider

Spells [6]

Flame Steed, Flash Flood, Pinecone Bomb, Rope Tornado, Seismic Fissure, Woodland Rune

Traits [13]

Beachcomber, Clever Mount, Follower of the Stars, Fruit Merchant, Guerrilla Tactics, Keleshite Trade Camel, Lucky Hound, Mindspin Mountain Goat, Sharp Eyes, Surefooted Ascent, Swamp Recluse, Warthog, Windspeaker

Witch Hexes [5]

Floating Lotus (Su), Heralding Bloom (Su), Iceplant (Su), Leshy Summoning (Su), Verdant Familiar (Ex)