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Ultimate Magic

Estimated Release Date: 5/10/2011
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Alchemist Discoveries [25]

Alchemical Simulacrum (Su), Alchemical Zombie (Su), Blinding Bomb (Su)*, Bottled Ooze (Su), Cognatogen (Su), Confusion Bomb (Su)*, Doppelganger Simulacrum (Su), Grand Cognatogen (Su), Greater Alchemical Simulacrum (Su), Greater Cognatogen (Su), Healing Touch (Ex), Lingering Spirit (Ex), Mummification (Ex), Mutagen (Su), Parasitic Twin (Ex), Plague Bomb (Su)*, Preserve Organs (Ex), Spontaneous Healing (Ex), Strafe Bomb (Su), Sunlight Bomb (Su)*, Tanglefoot Bomb (Su)*, Tentacle (Ex), Tumor Familiar (Ex), Vestigial Arm (Ex), Wings (Ex)

Animal Companions [10]

Ant, Giant, Beetle, Giant, Centipede, Giant, Crab, Giant, Leech, Giant, Mantis, Giant, Scorpion, Giant, Slug, Giant, Spider, Giant, Wasp, Giant

Arcane Discoveries [10]

Arcane Builder, Fast Study, Feral Speech (Su), Golem Constructor, Immortality (Ex), Multimorph (Su), Opposition Research, Split Slot, Staff-Like Wand, True Name (Sp)

Arcane Schools [2]

Metal, Wood

Archetypes [55]

Animal Speaker (Bard), Beast-Bonded (Witch), Bladebound (Magus), Broodmaster (Summoner), Celebrity (Bard), Chirurgeon (Alchemist), Cloistered Cleric (Cleric), Clone Master (Alchemist), Crossblooded (Sorcerer), Demagogue (Bard), Dirge Bard (Bard), Dragon Shaman (Druid), Dual-Cursed Oracle (Oracle), Enlightened Philosopher (Oracle), Evolutionist (Summoner), Exorcist (Inquisitor), Geisha (Bard), Gravewalker (Witch), Hedge Witch (Witch), Heretic (Inquisitor), Hexcrafter (Magus), Infiltrator (Inquisitor), Internal Alchemist (Alchemist), Master Summoner (Summoner), Menhir Savant (Druid), Mindchemist (Alchemist), Mooncaller (Druid), Pack Lord (Druid), Planar Oracle (Oracle), Possessed Oracle (Oracle), Preacher (Inquisitor), Preservationist (Alchemist), Psychonaut (Alchemist), Qinggong Monk (Monk), Reanimator (Alchemist), Reincarnated Druid (Druid), Saurian Shaman (Druid), Scrollmaster (Wizard), Sea Witch (Witch), Seer (Oracle), Separatist (Cleric), Shark Shaman (Druid), Sin Eater (Inquisitor), Songhealer (Bard), Sound Striker (Bard), Spellblade (Magus), Staff Magus (Magus), Stargazer (Oracle), Storm Druid (Druid), Synthesist (Summoner), Theologian (Cleric), Trapper (Ranger), Undead Lord (Cleric), Vivisectionist (Alchemist), Wildblooded (Sorcerer)

Bard Masterpieces [15]

At the Heart of It All (String, Wind), Legato Piece on the Infernal Bargain (String), Minuet of the Midnight Ivy (Dance), Stone Face (Comedy, Oratory), The Cat-Step (Dance), The Dance of 23 Steps (Dance), The Depths of the Mountain (Percussion, Wind), The Dumbshow of Gorroc (Act, Comedy), The House of Imaginary Walls (Act), The Lullaby of Ember the Ancient (Sing), The Quickening Pulse (Percussion, Wind), The Requiem of the Fallen Priest-King (Oratory, Sing), The Winds of the Five Heavens (Act, Oratory), Toccata and Fugue of the Danse Macabre (Keyboard, Wind), Triple Time (Percussion, String, Wind)

Classes [1]


Druid Domains [13]

Aquatic, Arctic, Cave, Desert, Eagle, Frog, Jungle, Monkey, Mountain, Plains, Serpent, Swamp, Wolf

Eidolon Base Forms [1]


Eidolon Evolutions [16]

Basic Magic (Sp), Channel Resistance (Ex), Dimension Door (Sp), Head (Ex), Hooves (Ex), Incorporeal Form (Sp), Keen Scent (Ex), Lifesense (Su), Low-Light Vision (Ex), Major Magic (Sp), Minor Magic (Sp), No Breath (Ex), See in Darkness (Su), Ultimate Magic (Sp), Undead Appearance (Ex), Unnatural Aura (Su)

Familiars [24]

Arbiter inevitable, Brownie, Cacodaemon daemon, Cassisian angel, Centipede, house, Crab, king, Cythnigot qlippoth, Donkey rat, Entropic monkey1, Fox, Goat, Hedgehog, Lyrakien azata, Nuglub gremlin, Octopus, blue-ringed, Paracletus aeon, Pig, Resolute owl1, Scorpion, greensting, Silvanshee agathion, Spider, scarlet, Thrush*, Turtle, Voidworm protean

Feats [113]

Abundant Revelations, Accursed Critical, Accursed Hex, Advanced Ranger Trap, Antagonize, Blighted Critical, Blighted Critical Mastery, Burning Spell, Channeled Shield Wall, Concussive Spell, Create Reliquary Arms and Shields, Create Sanguine Elixir, Defending Eidolon, Deny Death, Detect Expertise, Die for Your Master, Divine Interference, Dragonbane Aura, Echoing Spell, Eldritch Heritage, Ensemble, Evolved Familiar, Experimental Spellcaster, Exploit Lore, Extended Bane, Extra Arcana, Extra Arcane Pool, Extra Cantrips or Orisons, Extra Evolution, Extra Ranger Trap, Extra Summons, Extra Word, Eyes of Judgment, Fast Empathy, Favored Judgment, Fearless Aura, Fire Music, Flaring Spell, Focused Eidolon, Gliding Steps, Grant Initiative, Greater Blighted Critical, Greater Eldritch Heritage, Greater Mercy, Greater Spell Specialization, Greater Wild Empathy, Implant Bomb, Improved Eldritch Heritage, Improved Monster Lore, Insightful Gaze, Intimidating Gaze, Judgment Surge, Ki Stand, Learn Ranger Trap, Life Lure, Meta Word Mastery, Moonlight Summons, Mystic Stride, Oracular Intuition, Painful Anchor, Piercing Spell, Planar Preservationist, Powerful Shape, Prodigy, Prophetic Visionary, Pure Faith, Quarterstaff Master, Quick Channel, Quick Wild Shape, Radiant Charge, Remote Bomb, Resilient Eidolon, Reward of Grace, Reward of Life, Ricochet Splash Weapon, Rime Spell, Sacred Summons, Sense Link, Shaping Focus, Sin Seer, Skeleton Summoner, Sorcerous Bloodstrike, Spell Bluff (UM), Spell Hex, Spell Specialization, Spellsong, Split Hex, Split Major Hex, Spontaneous Metafocus, Starlight Summons, Sunlight Summons, Superior Summoning, Thanatopic Spell, Theurgy, Thoughtful Discernment, Threnodic Spell, Toppling Spell, Tripping Staff, Tripping Twirl, Ultimate Mercy, Ultimate Resolve, Uncanny Alertness, Uncanny Concentration, Undead Master, Unsanctioned Detection, Unsanctioned Knowledge, Versatile Channeler, Vigilant Eidolon, Voice of the Sibyl, Warrior Priest, Wild Speech, Witch Knife, Word of Healing

Inquisitions [17]

Anger, Conversion, Fate, Fervor, Heresy, Illumination, Imprisonment, Justice, Oblivion, Order, Persistence, Tactics, Torture, Truth, Valor, Vengeance, Zeal

Magic Items (Construct Modifications) [18]

Ability Score Increase, Armor Modification, Bioconstruct Modification, Construct Armor, Construct Limb, Corrosive Jet Stash, Crafter's Eyes, Firebomb Stash, Frost Mist Stash, Hit Dice Modification, Lightning Lash Stash, Rune of Agony, Rune of Imprisonment, Rune of Lightning, Rune of Shielding, Rune of Terror, Weapon Modification, Willsap Gas Stash

Magus Arcana [20]

Arcane Accuracy (Su), Broad Study (Ex), Close Range (Ex), Concentrate (Ex), Critical Strike (Su), Dispelling Strike (Su), Empowered Magic (Su), Familiar (Ex), Hasted Assault (Su), Maneuver Mastery (Ex), Maximized Magic (Su), Pool Strike (Su), Quickened Magic (Su), Reflection (Su), Silent Magic (Su), Spell Blending (Ex), Spell Shield (Su), Still Magic (Su), Wand Mastery (Su), Wand Wielder (Su)

Monk Vows [8]

Celibacy, Chains, Cleanliness, Fasting, Peace, Poverty, Silence, Truth

Monsters [12]

Blue-Ringed Octopus, Donkey Rat, Fox, Goat, Greensting Scorpion, Hedgehog, House Centipede, King Crab, Pig, Scarlet Spider, Thrush, Turtle

Oracle Mysteries [5]

Ancestor, Dark Tapestry, Metal, Time, Wood

Paladin Oaths [9]

Oath against Corruption, Oath against Fiends, Oath against Savagery, Oath against the Wyrm, Oath against Undeath, Oath of Charity, Oath of Chastity, Oath of Loyalty, Oath of Vengeance

Ranger Traps [10]

Alarm Trap* (Ex or Su), Burning Trap* (Ex or Su), Exploding Trap* (Ex or Su), Fire Trap (Ex or Su), Freezing Trap (Su), Marking Trap* (Ex or Su), Poison Trap (Ex or Su), Sleet Trap (Su), Snare Trap (Ex or Su), Swarm Trap (Ex or Su)

Sorcerer Bloodlines [7]

Accursed, Djinni, Efreeti, Maestro, Marid, Rakshasa, Shaitan

Spellbooks [24]

Apprentice Chapbook of Rul Thaven, Arctic Call, Book of Harms, Book of the Grave, Chymist's Guidebook, Defensive Primer, Grandfather's Legacy, Grimoire of Glittering Eyes, Guardian Grimoire, Insights of Far-Seeing Taernis, Journal of the Beast Within, Journeyman Book of Rul Thaven, Lab Journal of Constance Inflix, Library of the Dancer of Skins, Manual of Binding, Manuscript of Jack Were-son, Master Books of Rul Thaven, Mastery of Word and Thought, Mysteries of Shadow, Quest Eternal, The Formulae of Master Gebr, Tome of the Transmuter, Traveler's Tome, Unnamed Journal

Spells [231]

Acidic Spray, Acute Senses, Age Resistance, Age Resistance, Greater, Age Resistance, Lesser, Agonize, Allegro, Animate Dead, Lesser, Anthropomorphic Animal, Anticipate Peril, Arboreal Hammer, Arcana Theft, Archon's Aura, Arrow of Law, Ash Storm, Astral Projection, Lesser, Atavism, Atavism, Mass, Aura of Doom, Badger's Ferocity, Battlemind Link, Bestow Grace of the Champion, Blade of Bright Victory, Blade of Dark Triumph, Blessing of the Mole, Blood Crow Strike, Blood Mist, Blood Transcription, Boiling Blood, Bungle, Burrow, Burst of Nettles, Cackling Skull, Call Construct, Cape of Wasps, Caustic Eruption, Chord of Shards, Circle of Clarity, Cold Ice Strike, Compassionate Ally, Conjure Black Pudding, Contagion, Greater, Control Construct, Control Summoned Creature, Corrosive Consumption, Corrosive Touch, Countless Eyes, Create Demiplane, Create Demiplane, Greater, Create Demiplane, Lesser, Curse of Disgust, Curse of Magic Negation, Curse, Major, Cursed Earth, Cushioning Bands, Dance of a Hundred Cuts, Dance of a Thousand Cuts, Darkvision, Greater, Daze, Mass, Decompose Corpse, Defensive Shock, Delay Pain, Delusional Pride, Diagnose Disease, Disfiguring Touch, Disguise Other, Distracting Cacophony, Distressing Tone, Divine Pursuit, Dread Bolt, Eagle Aerie, Ear-Piercing Scream, Echolocation, Eldritch Fever, Envious Urge, Epidemic, Eruptive Pustules, Excruciating Deformation, Exquisite Accompaniment, False Life, Greater, Familiar Melding, Fickle Winds, Fleshworm Infestation, Forbid Action, Forbid Action, Greater, Force Hook Charge, Force Punch, Forced Quiet, Frigid Touch, Frostbite, Fumbletongue, Fungal Infestation, Ghostly Disguise, Haunting Choir, Haunting Mists, Hex Ward, Holy Ice, Holy Shield, Horn of Pursuit, Howling Agony, Ice Body, Ice Crystal Teleport, Icicle Dagger, Icy Prison, Icy Prison, Mass, Imbue with Aura, Interplanetary Teleport, Interrogation, Interrogation, Greater, Joyful Rapture, Ki Arrow, Ki Leech, Ki Shout, Know the Enemy, Leashed Shackles, Lend Judgment, Lend Judgment, Greater, Lightning Arc, Loathsome Veil, Lunar Veil, Mad Hallucination, Mad Monkeys, Malfunction, Malicious Spite, Marionette Possession, Masterwork Transformation, Miserable Pity, Monstrous Physique I, Monstrous Physique II, Monstrous Physique III, Monstrous Physique IV, Murderous Command, Oppressive Boredom, Oracle's Vessel, Orb of the Void, Overwhelming Grief, Overwhelming Presence, Pernicious Poison, Persuasive Goad, Piercing Shriek, Plague Carrier, Plague Storm, Play Instrument, Polar Midnight, Polypurpose Panacea, Possess Object, Prediction of Failure, Primal Scream, Protective Penumbra, Rain of Frogs, Raise Animal Companion, Rapid Repair, Ray of Sickening, Reckless Infatuation, Remove Sickness, Reprobation, Resonating Word, Restore Corpse, Restore Eidolon, Restore Eidolon, Lesser, Ride the Lightning, Ride The Waves, Sanctify Corpse, Sands of Time, Scouring Winds, Sculpt Simulacrum, Serenity, Shadow Step, Shadow Weapon, Shadowbard, Shard of Chaos, Share Memory, Silk To Steel, Simulacrum, Lesser, Skinsend, Smug Narcissism, Snapdragon Fireworks, Sonic Thrust, Soothe Construct, Spear of Purity, Spit Venom, Steal Voice, Strangling Hair, Summon Elder Worm, Summon Froghemoth, Summon Minor Ally, Summon Minor Monster, Surmount Affliction, Symbol of Healing, Symbol of Mirroring, Symbol of Revelation, Symbol of Scrying, Symbol of Sealing, Symbol of Slowing, Symbol of Strife, Symbol of Vulnerability, Tar Ball, Temporary Resurrection, Terrible Remorse, Touch of Slime, Toxic Gift, Transmute Blood To Acid, Unadulterated Loathing, Unbreakable Construct, Undead Anatomy I, Undead Anatomy II, Undead Anatomy III, Undead Anatomy IV, Unholy Ice, Unholy Sword, Unnatural Lust, Unprepared Combatant, Unshakable Chill, Utter Contempt, Vengeful Outrage, Vermin Shape I, Vermin Shape II, Vestment of the Champion, Virtuoso Performance, Vision of Hell, Vitriolic Mist, Vocal Alteration, Volcanic Storm, Wall of Sound, Wartrain Mount, Waves of Ecstasy, Web Shelter, Witness, Wooden Phalanx, Word of Resolve, Youthful Appearance

Variant Channeling [46]

Air/Sky/Wind, Ale/Wine, Art/Music, Battle/Wrath, Beauty/Love/Lust, Bravery/Valor, Cities, Contracts/Oaths, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Disease, Dreams, Earth, Envy, Farming, Fate, Fire, Forge, Freedom, Hunting, Justice/Law, Knowledge, Luck, Madness, Magic, Monsters, Murder, Nature, Nightmares, Ocean/Sea/Water, Pain, Poison, Protection, Revenge/Vengeance, Rulership, Secrets, Self-Perfection, Slavery/Tyranny, Strategy, Strength, Sun, Trickery, Undeath, Weapons, Weather

Wild Bloodlines [20]

Aerial, Anarchic, Bedrock, Brutal, Empyreal, Envenomed, Groveborn, Karmic, Linnorm, Pit-Touched, Primal, Rime-Blooded, Sage, Sanguine, Seaborn, Sylvan, Umbral, Visionary, Void-Touched, Warped

Witch Hexes [21]

Beast Eye (Su), Beast of Ill-Omen (Su), Child-Scent (Ex), Cook People (Su), Dire Prophecy (Su), Feral Speech (Su), Hidden Home (Sp), Hoarfrost (Su), Ice Tomb (Su), Infected Wounds (Su), Nails (Ex), Poison Steep (Sp), Prehensile Hair (Su), Scar (Su), Speak in Dreams (Sp), Summon Spirit (Sp), Swamp Hag (Sp), Unnerve Beasts (Su), Water Lung (Su), Witch's Brew (Ex), Witch's Hut (Su)

Witch Patrons [14]

Ancestors, Death, Enchantment, Healing, Insanity, Light, Moon, Occult, Portents, Spirits, Stars, Time, Vengeance, Winter