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Ranged Tactics Toolbox

Estimated Release Date: 11/22/2014
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Archetypes [4]

Far Strike Monk (Monk), Juggler (Bard), Primal Hunter (Barbarian), Toxophilite (Ranger)

Equipment (Misc.) [13]

Bell tripwire trap, Camouflage blanket, Contracting rope, Ear trumpet (common), Ear trumpet (masterwork), Firework (fire wheel), Flight grapnel, Gabion, Perfect ice, Portable bolt trap, Sentry mannequin (masterwork), Speaking trumpet, Spyglass (masterwork)

Equipment (Weapons) [48]

Amentum, Atlatl, Barbed arrow (20), Blowgun, Bolas, Boomerang, Chakram, Composite longbow, Composite shortbow, Dart, Double crossbow, Flying blade, Halfling sling staff, Hand crossbow, Heavy crank crossbow, Heavy crossbow, Hunga munga, Hurlbat, Incendiary arrow (20), Javelin, Kestros, Knobkerrie, Kunai, Lasso, Light crank crossbow, Light crossbow, Longbow, Net, Pilum, Poisoned sand tube, Pronged arrow (20), Repeating hand crossbow, Repeating heavy crossbow, Repeating light crossbow, Rope dart, Shortbow, Shuriken (5), Sibat, Sling, Snag net, Spear-sling, Stonebow, Throwing arrow, Throwing arrow cord, Throwing shield, Tube arrow shooter, Underwater heavy crossbow, Underwater light crossbow

Feats [22]

Channel Ray, Clinging Climber, Combat Advice, Concentrated Splash, Covering Fire (RTT), Directed Disarm, Distant Spell Link, Exceptional Pull, Expansive Trap Ability, Friendly Fire Maneuvers, Lie Low, Lob Shot, Proxy Summoning, Ranged Disarm, Ranged Trip, Relentless Shot, Seeking Spell, Throw Back Arrows, Trick Shooter, Volley Fire, Warning Shot, Weathered Warrior

Magic Items (Rings) [1]

Ring of Far Strike

Magic Items (Weapons) [34]

Arrow of Charming, Arrow Splitter, Avalanche Sling Staff, Boulder Bullet (greater), Boulder Bullet (lesser), Boulder Bullet (normal), Bow of Ashes, Cavalryman's Bow, Cyclonic, Dazzling, Dizzying Bullet, Frozen Crossbow, Glitterwake, Interfering, Mage's Crossbow, Mute Dart, Phase Arrow, Reporting Cartridge, Scouting Cartridge, Secret Crossbow, Shockwave Blunderbuss, Skulking Sniper's Blowgun, Sniping (greater), Sniping (improved), Sniping (normal), Sonic Boom, Spell Hurling, Splitting Bolt, Tailwind, Tenacious Atlatl Dart, Thorn Bow, Veering, Venomous Whisper Dart, Vulnerability Bolt

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [10]

Alchemist's Atlatl, Assassin's Sight, Assassin's Sight, Greater, Entangling Aiguillette, Ranged Piton, Sandals of Interception, Shadow Fletching, Silver Nocking Point, Swarm Bullet, Tuned Bowstring

Magus Arcana [5]

Dark Shifter (Su), Pool Ray, Ranger Trap, Reach Magic, Throwing Magus

Ranger Traps [4]

Bludgeoning Trap (Ex or Su), Decoy Trap (Su), Dirty Trick Trap* (Ex or Su), Summoned Ally Trap (Su)

Rogue Talents [3]

Bomber (Su), Bomber’s Discovery (Su), Without a Trace (Ex)

Spells [6]

Augmenting Wall, Bloody Arrows, Calm Air, Conversing Wind, Rain of Arrows, Telekinetic Volley