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Pathfinder Campaign Setting

Estimated Release Date: 9/1/2008
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Afflictions - Diseases [1]

The Tainted Plague

Equipment (Armor) [6]

Armored kilt, Field plate, Klar, Leaf armor, Rosewood armor, Stoneplate

Equipment (Misc.) [11]

Coffin (common), Coffin (ornate), Harrow deck, Marker dye, Necrotic talisman, Perfume (common), Perfume (exotic), Perfume (rare), Scarf (pocketed), Scarf (reinforced), Unguent of revivification

Equipment (Weapons) [30]

Aldori dueling sword, Bich'hwa, Bladed scarf, Blowgun, Blowgun darts (10), Chain spear, Dogslicer, Double crossbow, Dwarven maulaxe, Earth breaker, Elven curve blade, Falcata, Firearm bullet (1), Horsechopper, Katar, tri-bladed, Khopesh, Klar, Ogre hook, Pata, Sawtooth sabre, Shoanti bolas, Smoke bullet, Starknife, Temple sword, Thistle arrow, Thorn bow, Thorn bracer, Urumi, War razor, Wooden stake

Feats [57]

Aldori Dueling Mastery, Altitude Affinity, Andoren Falconry, Arcane Vendetta, Berserker's Cry, Blade Binder, Bloatmage Initiate, Careful Speaker, Cosmopolitan, Crossbow Mastery, Demon Hunter, Desert Dweller, Desperate Battler, Enforcer, Eye of the Arclord, Fey Foundling, Flagbearer, Focused Shot, Fortune Teller, Free Spirit, Godless Healing, Green Faith Acolyte, Gunslinger, Hamatulatsu, Harmonic Spell, Harrowed, Hermean Blood, Katheer Scholar, Massed Charge, Molthuni Discipline, Necromantic Resistance, Noble Scion (Cheliax), One Finger, Parting Shot, Profits of Kalistrade, Rugged, Ruincaster, Secret of Steel-Shattering Spirit, Secret Signs, Shade of the Uskwood, Shrewd Liason, Sniper Shot, Spirit of the River, Spirit Strike, Stoic, Storm-Lashed, Survivor, Taldan Duelist, Teleport Sense, Totem Spirit, Twisted Flesh, Varisian Tattoo, Veiled Vileness, Vermin Companion, Vermin Heart, Wand Dancer, Warped Mind

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [3]

Elixir of Shadewalking, Mask of the Mantis, Wayfinder

Prestige Classes [5]

Harrower, Low Templar, Pathfinder Chronicler, Red Mantis Assassin, Shackles Pirate

Races [1]


Spells [11]

Armor of Darkness, Blacklight, Bolt of Glory, Bolts of Bedevilment, Crown of Glory, Genesis, Hardening, Status, Greater, Surelife, Touch of Madness, True Creation