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Inner Sea Races

Estimated Release Date: 9/30/2015
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Feats [50]

Alien Mindpaths, Ambush Squad, Amplified Radiance, Ancestral Weapon Mastery, Artillery Team, Barrage of Styles, Blades Above and Below, Burn It Down!, Child of Two Fates, Choir of Blades, Concentrated Fire, Cooperative Counterspelling, Coordinated Blast, Crowd of Bullies, Deadly Troupe, Death Roll, Diplomatic Ruse, Echoes of the First World, Eclipse Strike, Elemental Strike, Eternal Enmity, Extraplanar Conjunction, Eyes of the Twilight, Ferocious Horde, Flow of Elements, Friendly Rivalry, Giantslaying Team, High Magic Focus, Inspiring Talent, Juju Way, Kinslayer, Living Fortress, Loyal to the Death, Mirror Kin, One Mind, Pack Intimidation, Pursuit of Glory, Quah Bond, Relentless Cheer, Returning Throw, Ruthless Opportunist, Scion of the Lost Empire, Seeping Darkness, Shared Ownership, Shared Remembrance, Shrouded in Mystery, Suppressive Fire, Triangulate, True Breed, Umbral Shift

Magic Items (Armor) [9]

Armor of Grim Triumph (Orc), Coat of Shells (Gillmen, Merfolk), Gnome Scrap Armor (Gnome), Goblin Plate (Goblin), Hallowed Chain (Varisian), Hallowed Chain, Greater (Varisian), Mail of Sly Steps (Halfling), Panoply of the Fierani Knight (Elf), Stalker's Fang (Shoanti)

Magic Items (Weapons) [13]

Clever Sling Staff (Halfling), Dueling Bokken (Tengu), Errani Kamaki (Gillmen), Gentleman's Foil (Taldan), Hunter's Mambele (Mwangi), Junkblade (Goblin), Mount-Splitting Pick (Dwarf), Scalerazor (Azlanti), Shadow Cleaver (Elf), Shields' Bane (Ulfen), Storval's Thunder (Shoanti), Treekeeper's Staff (Elf), True Warrior's Blade (Kellid)

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [43]

Spell Winder (Nagaji) (2nd level), Spell Winder (Nagaji) (4th level), Spell Winder (Nagaji) (6th level), Agent's Clasp (Taldan), Amulet of Eldest's Blessing (Gnome), Amulet of Undead Persuasion (Dhampir), Anvil of the Skyseeker (Dwarf), Baldric of Magical Stability (Garundi), Belkzen Battle Standard (Orc), Belt of Impossible Action (Vudrani), Binding Contract (Chelaxian), Lycanthrope Skin (Skinwalker) (boar, rat, wolf), Boots of Fiendish Escape (Tiefling), Bracelet of Good Luck Charms (Halfling), Broken Rune Bracers (Shoanti), Lycanthrope Skin (Skinwalker) (brown bear, bat, crocodile, shark, tiger), Cap of Darkest Dreams (Changeling), Cloak of Blood Alarm (Ratfolk), Cloak of Summer and Winter (Triaxian), Diadem of the Interplanetary Emissary (Lashunta), Elven Still (Elf), Eye Patch of Infamy (Half-Orc), Eyes of Mind Reading (Android), Commander's Helm (Dwarf) (Greater), Headband of Controlling Illusions (Elf), Horn of the War-Leader (Half-Orc), Horseshoes of Desert Fury (Keleshite), Jinx Eater's Shirt (Tengu), Commander's Helm (Dwarf) (Lesser), Locket of True and False Friends (Half-Elf), Lupine Robe, Mask of Stolen Identities (Gillman), Master's Brand (Hobgoblin), Ointment of Secret Seeing (Ulfen), Scarf of Glorious Histories (Varisian), Shirt of Inconspicuousness (Halfling), Spyglass of Discovery (Human), Stampede Drum (Kellid), Standard of the Celestial Heir (Aasimar), Commander's Helm (Dwarf) (Superior), Translator's Cap (Human), Tremor Bar (Kobold), Warchanter's Torch (Goblin)

Races [50]

Aasimar, Android, Aquatic Elf, Catfolk, Changeling, Dhampir, Drow, Duergar, Dwarf, Elf, Fetchling, Gathlain, Ghoran, Gillman, Gnome, Goblin, Grippli, Half-Elf, Halfling, Half-Orc, Hobgoblin, Human, Ifrit, Kasatha, Kitsune, Kobold, Lashunta, Merfolk, Monkey Goblin, Nagaji, Orc, Oread, Ratfolk, Samsaran, Skinwalker, Strix, Suli, Svirfneblin, Sylph, Syrinx, Tengu, Tiefling, Triaxian, Trox, Undine, Vanara, Vishkanya, Wayang, Wyrwood, Wyvaran

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [117]

Elf - Ageless Patience, Gnome - Architectural Ingenuity, Hobgoblin - Authoritative, Human - Awareness, Skinwalker - Beast Talker, Ifrit - Brazen Flame, Tiefling - Bullying, Halfling - Caretaker, Strix - Cautious Brawler, Human - Comprehensive Education, Aasimar - Crusading Magic, Vishkanya - Deceptive, Gillman - Deep Gillman, Grippli - Defensive Training, Drow - Defensive Training, Tengu - Deft Swords, Gnome - Dirty Trickster, Ghoran - Disgusting, Elf - Disinterested Observer, Half-Orc - Divided Attention, Kobold - Dragon Affinity, Halfling - Driven Worker, Kitsune - Duplicitous, Half-Elf - Elf-Scorned, Elf - Elven Arrogance, Wyvaran - Evasive Maneuvers, Half-Elf - Eye for Opportunity, Changeling - Hag Magic, Dhampir - Heir to Undying Nobility, Halfling - Human Shadow, Half-Orc - Human-Raised, Elf - Human-Raised, Wayang - In the Shadows, Human - Industrious, Human - Innovative, Lashunta - Insidious Telepathy, Human - Institutional Memory, Gnome - Intrepid Settler, Oread - Isolated, Dhampir - Jiang-Shi-Born (Ru-Shi), Catfolk - Jungle Stalker, Goblin - Junk Tinker, Half-Elf - Kindred-Raised, Dwarf - Lasting Grudge, Tiefling - Light from the Darkness, Aasimar - Lost Promise, Duergar - Magical Taskmaster, Ratfolk - Market Dweller, Elf - Memories Beyond Death, Human - Military Tradition, Dhampir - Moroi-Born (Svetocher), Ifrit - Mostly Human, Oread - Mostly Human, Suli - Mostly Human, Sylph - Mostly Human, Undine - Mostly Human, Samsaran - Mountaineer, Gathlain - Nimbus of Vitality, Dhampir - Nosferatu-Born (Ancient-Born), Syrinx - Oppressive, Half-Orc - Orc Atavism, Half-Orc - Overlooked Mastermind, Elf - Overwhelming Magic, Half-Orc - Pariah, Tiefling - Pass for Human, Human - Practiced Hunter, Orc - Reckless Climber, Half-Elf - Reflexive Improvisation, Wyrwood - Repair Magic, Android - Repairing Nanites, Elf - Retreat Magic, Vanara - Risky Troublemaker, Half-Elf - Sea Legs, Half-Orc - Sea Raider, Merfolk - Secret Magic, Sylph - Secretive, Halfling - Secretive Survivor, Human - Self-Made Fate, Nagaji - Serpent Affinity, Fetchling - Shadow Agent, Dwarf - Siege Survivor, Halfling - Skulker, Dwarf - Slag Child, Human - Social Ties, Half-Elf - Sophisticate, Elf - Sovyrian-Born, Dwarf - Spell Smasher, Dwarf - Spiritual Support, Svirfneblin - Stalwart Watcher, Kasatha - Stealthy, Dwarf - Stoic Negotiator, Triaxian - Transitional Lore, Trox - Tremorsense, Human - Tribalistic, Undine - Triton Magic, Suli - Trusted Mediator, Halfling - Unfettered, Halfling - Unlucky Halfling, Dwarf - Unstoppable, Human - Unstoppable Magic, Gnome - Utilitarian Magic, Dhampir - Vampire Hunter, Dhampir - Vetala-Born (Ajibachana), Gnome - Vivacious, Half-Orc - War-Leader, Human - Wayfarer, Half-Elf - Weapon Familiarity, Skinwalker - Werebat-Kin (Bloodmarked), Skinwalker - Werebear-Kin (Coldborn), Skinwalker - Wereboar-Kin (Ragebred), Skinwalker - Werecrocodile-Kin (Scaleheart), Skinwalker - Wererat-Kin (Nightskulk), Skinwalker - Wereshark-Kin (Seascarred), Skinwalker - Weretiger-Kin (Fanglord), Skinwalker - Werewolf-Kin (Witchwolf), Changeling - Witchborn, Gnome - Wright

Spells [29]

Air of Authority, Bleaching Resistance, Burn Corruption, Carve Passage, Champion's Bout, Damnation of Memory, Elemental Mastery, Fable Tapestry, Fire's Friend, Fleshwarping Swarm (Drow), Lament of Summer's Last Breath, Lost Locale, Lost Passage, Mantle of the Magic Warriors, Martial Telekinesis, Miasmal Dread, Murderous Crow, Overlook, Probe History, Respectful Quiet, Shadow of Doubt, Siege Scatter, Summon Giant Ally I, Summon Giant Ally II, Summon Giant Ally III, Summon Kami, Suppressing Stone, Wall of Brine, Zephyr's Fleetness

Traits [87]

Acknowledged Scion, Adrenaline Rush, Aerial Harrier, Animal Rustler, Augmented Spell Poisons, Azlanti Engineering, Bellflower Contact, Bifurcated Magic, Brimstone Seer, Bully Burner, Bureaucracy Navigator, Canopy Shooter, Carrying Voice, Castrovel Gatekeeper, Celestial Contact, Commanding, Covered Sniper, Creepy, Disciplined Body, Dragon Friend, Efficient Packer, Effortless Aid, Elemental Caller, Enduring Spellcraft, Experimental Escapee, Experimental Rebel, Favored Champion, Fierce Flanker, Fleshwarp Exposure, Friend to Animals, Frustrating, Generous, Genie Heir, Gruff Watcher, Guarded, Gunworker, Hard to Pin Down, Honored Provider, Hot Headed, Idealized Campaigner, Inciter (Hobgoblin), Ingratiating, Insular (Elf), Intrepid Volunteer, Jungle Opportunist, Kami Respect, Loner of the Rocks, Longlung, Magaambyan Arcana, Magic Survivor, Marked by Nature's Magic, Memory Mastery, Minor Wishcraft, Mistrusted, Murky Allegiance, My Word Is My Bond, Nagaji Nationalist, Nearly Blinded, Obsessed with Success, Oral Historian, Persecuted Expatriate, Plague Survivor, Planetary Traveler, Practiced Gambler, Promising Peacemaker, Ratfolk Avenger, Resilient Construction, River Trader, Scheming Survivor, Seafaring Slayer, Secret-Keeper (Svirfneblin), Sharp Wits, Sky Quester, Tattooed Focus, Tempestuous Combatant, Tribal Guide, Trickster (Vanara), Vermin Driver, Vexed, Walls of Half-Truths, Water Lurker, Water Shaping, Weapon Training, Weathered Patience, Winged Aloofness, Witness to Nature's Cruelty, Zealous (Garundi)