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Heroes of Golarion

Estimated Release Date: 3/27/2019
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Alchemist Discoveries [7]

Constructive Dyes, Divine Inks, Explosive Calligraphy, Greater Constructive Dyes, Greater Divine Inks, Improved Divine Inks, Living Pigment

Arcanist Exploits [6]

Consume Primal Magic, Counterspell Primal Magic, Create Primal Event, Invoke Primal Magic, Redirect Primal Magic, Resist Primal Magic

Archetypes [6]

Holomog Demolitionist (Investigator), Holy Beast (Shifter), Plague Eater (Spiritualist), Priest of the Fallen (Spiritualist), Speaker of the Palatine Eye (Bard), Spirit Eater (Medium)

Bloodrager Bloodlines [2]

Medusa, Sphinx

Equipment (Weapons) [7]

Air repeater, Air reservoir, Alchemical cartridge (gray dust shot), Alchemical cartridge (gray dust), Alchemical cartridge (smoke cartridge), Breech-loader, Bullet, screaming

Feats [21]

Beast Speaker, Beast Speaker Mastery, Consume Power, Dragon Shot, Expressionless, Freeze in Place, Glorious Blaze, Infused Spell Cartridges, Ioun Resonance, Lifecrafting, Magical Heart, Mental Derail, Mental Stare, Occult Conduit, Overpowering Stare, Piercing Chant, Recall Ammunition, Robust Stench, Sacred Pyromania, Spell Cartridges, Sword's Shadow

Kineticist Wild Talents [15]

Bolt, Clockwork Heart, Clockwork Puppet, Kinetic Awe, Kinetic Dissolution, Mesmerizing Elementalist, Nine-Tailed Kineticist, Past Life Evoker, Sky Walk, Spark of Innovation, Tengu Blade Lore, Venom Admixture, Venom Infusion, Venom Infusion, Greater, Venom Speaker

Magic Items (Weapons) [1]

Dispelling Bullet

Medium Spirits [4]

Ardril, the Would-Be King (Champion), Father of Legends (Marshal), Kelksiomides (Hierophant), Psomeira (Champion)

Mesmerist Stares [3]

Distracted, Sensed, Unaided

Mesmerist Tricks [3]

Psychic Impression, Telepathic Link, Voice of Reason

Mythic Path Abilities [23]

Borrow Mythic Power (Universal), Bottled Talent (Trickster), Coupled Phenomena (Archmage), Energy Conduit (Guardian), Expanded Implement Knowledge (Archmage), Free Your Mind (Marshal), Guarded Gathering (Guardian), Kinetic Font (Champion), Mythic Amplification (Archmage), Mythic Burn (Universal), Mythic Contact (Universal), Mythic Treatment (Hierophant), Occult Mastery (Universal), Opportunistic Blast (Guardian), Overcharged Blast (Champion), Phantom Possession (Universal), Psychic Healing (Hierophant), Quick Trick (Trickster), Rebounding Stare (Trickster), Shielding Phantom (Hierophant), Spirit Influence (Marshal), Unfettered Spirit (Marshal), Unorthodox Infusion (Champion)

Oracle Curses [1]


Phrenic Amplifications [4]

Mind's Eye, Perfect Body, Psychic Defense, Whisper of Ancients

Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [10]

Wyrwood - Alchemist, Wyrwood - Arcanist, Wyrwood - Cleric, Wyrwood - Magus, Wyrwood - Oracle, Wyrwood - Paladin, Wyrwood - Psychic, Wyrwood - Rogue, Wyrwood - Slayer, Wyrwood - Wizard

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [2]

Wyrwood - Experimental Body, Wyrwood - Living Machine

Shaman Spirits [1]


Shifter Aspects [6]

Elephant, Giant Wasp, Horse, Lion, Peafowl, Snapping Turtle

Slayer Talents [3]

Jaguar's Grace, Jaguar's Pounce, Jaguar's Protection

Sorcerer Bloodlines [2]

Phoenix, Unicorn

Vigilante Talents [8]

Animal Patron, Beast Friend, Beast Speech, Monkey's Paws, One with the Wild, Owl's Sight, Songbird, Tiger's Claws

Witch Hexes [9]

Animal Servant (Su), Beast’s Gift (Su), Combat Hypnosis (Su), Dark Apothecary (Ex), Drugged (Su), False Hospitality (Su), Minor Prophecy (Su), Prophecy (Su), Swine (Su)