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Familiar Folio

Estimated Release Date: 1/17/2015
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Afflictions - Poisons [2]

Hazemind concentrate, Hazemind mist

Archetypes [20]

Beastblade (Magus), Bloodline Familiars (Familiar), Chosen One (Paladin), Decoy (Familiar), Duettist (Bard), Eldritch Guardian (Fighter), Emissary (Familiar), Familiar Adept (Wizard), Figment (Familiar), Homunculist (Alchemist), Leshy Warden (Druid), Mascot (Familiar), Mauler (Familiar), Pact Wizard (FF) (Wizard), Patron Familiars (Familiar), Protector (Familiar), Sage (Familiar), School Familiar (Familiar), Spirit Binder (Wizard), Synergist (Witch)

Equipment (Misc.) [3]

Aquarium ball, Beast whistle, Hide dye

Familiars [15]

Cat sith, Caypup, Chicken, Dolphin, popoto, Ioun wyrd, Kakapo, Koala, Leopard slug, Mole, Peacock, Penguin, Petrifern, Pseudosphinx, Pufferfish, Wallaby

Feats [16]

Decoy's Misdirection, Emissary's Emboldening, Familiar Bond, Far-Roaming Familiar, Figment's Fluidity, Greater School Familiar, Group Deliver Touch Spells, Group Shared Spells, Guardian's Return, Improved Familiar Bond, Mascot's Affection, Mauler's Endurance, Polyglot Familiar, Sage's Guidance, School Familiar, Telepathic Link

Magic Items (Armor) [1]

Featherleaf Barding

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [6]

Glove of Familiar's Touch, Replenishing Aquarium Ball (Greater), Replenishing Aquarium Ball (Lesser), Mundanity Grease, Spell-Sharing Collar, Replenishing Aquarium Ball (Standard)

Monsters [15]

Cat Sith, Caypup, Chicken, Ioun Wyrd, Kakapo, Koala, Leopard Slug, Mole, Peacock, Penguin, Petrifern, Popoto, Pseudosphinx, Pufferfish, Wallaby

Spells [8]

Callback, Callback, Greater, Disrupt Link, Duplicate Familiar, Empathy Conduit, Merge with Familiar, Soulswitch, Transfer Familiar