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Faction Guide

Estimated Release Date: 5/1/2010
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Afflictions - Poisons [1]

Tears of perfection

Equipment (Armor) [3]

Deflecting, Jarring, Vitalguard

Equipment (Misc.) [1]


Feats [19]

Advanced Defensive Combat Training, Bloodstone Manhunter, Calm Disposition, Death's Suitor, Disassemble Magic Item, Divine Deception, Fast Crawl, Fearsome Barricade, Grand Master Performer, Ki Diversity, Let Them Come, Master Performer, Nameless Servitor, Old Cults Awakener, Ominous Mien, Silent Performer, Touched by Sacred Fire, Verbose Performer, Whispered Knowledge

Magic Items (Rods) [1]

Utilitarian Rod

Magic Items (Weapons) [3]

Crowcaller, Drowscourge, Midsummer Sickle

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [16]

Guiding Vellum (1st), Guiding Vellum (2nd), Guiding Vellum (3rd), Guiding Vellum (4th), Guiding Vellum (5th), Guiding Vellum (6th), Guiding Vellum (7th), Guiding Vellum (8th), Guiding Vellum (9th), Beguiling Bangles, Chest of Preparedness, Daring Dancers, Disk of Ghol-Gan, Eye of the Mantis, Home Stone, Ki Crystal

Special Materials [1]

Nexavaran Steel

Spells [9]

Arcane Reinforcement, Canopic Conversion, Chastise, Hibernate, Mark of Blood, Sotto Voce, Summon Elemental Steed, Tomb Legion, Tripvine

Traits [29]

Beast of the Society, Bellflower Tiller, Berserker of the Society, Blade of the Society, Coherent Rage, Convincing Liar, Defender of the Society, Defy Madness, Demon Slayer, Exalted of the Society, Faithful Feedback, Freed Slave, Greater Adept of the Society, Havoc of the Society, Honored Fist of the Society, Lucid Dreamer, Maestro of the Society, Necrotic Aura, Noble Savage, Savant, Second Tongue, Slippery, St. Clydwell's Ward, Stalwart of the Society, Tar-Baphon's Whisper, Tracker of the Society, Trifler, Unnatural Presence, Witty Repartee