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Black Markets

Estimated Release Date: 11/18/2015
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Arcane Focused Schools [1]


Archetypes [5]

Eldritch Poisoner (Alchemist), Hoaxer (Bard), Pack Mule (Fighter), Relic Raider (Rogue), Sorcerer of Sleep (Sorcerer)

Equipment (Misc.) [6]

Alchemical tar paper, Autosniper trap, Flask launcher, Net rigging, Poison latch needle, Pull-cord grenade

Feats [9]

Black Market Dealings, Black Market Sleuth, Connected Criminal, Infuse Poison, Pesh Euphoria, Pesh Healing, Pesh Rejuvenation, Sahir-Afiyun, Wary Smuggler

Magic Items (Infused Poisons) [4]

Abyssal Arsenic, Burning Heart, Dust of Eox, Liquid Influence

Magic Items (Necrografts) [6]

Ghoulgut, Gravespawn Gland, Necrograft Arm, Necrograft Leg, Sallowflesh, Strangler's Tongue

Magic Items (Necrotoxins) [4]

Entropic Dust, Lazurite Flakes, Quick Rot, Xensh Spores

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [19]

Portable Pit (Acid pit), Aspergillum Cloak, Portable Pit (Blunt pit), Congregant's Compass, Dissident's Gloves, Effulgent Geode, False Flag Tabard, Portable Pit (Hungry pit), Portable Pit (Persistent pit), Recondite Holy Symbol, Spendthrift Spectacles, Portable Pit (Spiked pit), Style-Stealing Vambrace, Talisman of Spying, Circlet of Spell-Eating (Type I), Circlet of Spell-Eating (Type II), Circlet of Spell-Eating (Type III), Circlet of Spell-Eating (Type IV), Uplifting Boots

Spells [24]

Adroit Retrieval, Alleviate Addiction, Arcane Pocket, Authenticating Gaze, Codespeak, Compel Tongue, Compel Tongue, Mass, Contact High, Curse of Keeping, Evaluator's Lens, Fleeting Defect, Fleeting Memory, Fleeting Memory, Mass, Imbue With Addiction, Incendiary Runes, Night Blindness, Peerless Integrity, Pesh Vigor, Remarkable Legerdemain, Secret Coffer, Secret Sign, Secret Vault, Vacuous Vessel, Venomous Promise

Traits [7]

Covert Channeler, Dusk Market Bribery, Gesture Expertise, Hex-Proof, Nightstalls Navigator, Red Silk Frankness, Tarnished Halls Runner