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Shifter Class Details | Aspects | Archetypes


Description Source: Ultimate Wilderness
A shifter draws her primary strength from an association with a specific type of animal. As a result, when a shifter uses her shifter aspect or wild shape class features, she can assume only the forms of her chosen aspects. Until reaching 5th level, a shifter has only a single aspect, but as she increases in level, she gains more control over her metamorphosis, allowing her to take on multiple aspects and even merge aspects.

All shifter aspects have a minor form and a major form. The minor form grants a shifter a few of the animal’s physical traits, while the major aspect is the form she takes on when she uses wild shape to fully transform into an animal. The list of abilities gained with the major aspect include those gained from the wild shape class feature, but the benefits gained from any resulting changes to size are not listed here (see beast shape II).

The following options represent only the most common choices used by shifters. Other aspects based on different animals certainly exist, and might grant similar powers or entirely new abilities based on the animal’s themes and nature. You can use the following aspects as guides for developing aspects of your own design, but if you wish to do so, you must secure your GM’s permission.

Description Source: Wilderness Origins
Shifters with a vermin aspect, such as dragonfly or spider, assume these major aspects with vermin shape II rather than beast shape II.

Alternate Natural Attacks

A shifter can draw on her chosen animal aspect to transform her hands into deadly weapons, as represented by the shifter’s claws class feature, but not every animal has prominent claws. The following list provides alternate natural attacks for the shifter claws class feature. Each time the shifter activates her shifter’s claws ability in her natural form, she can manifest one of the alternate natural attacks listed below for any of her chosen aspects, or those that relate to her archetype. Each alternate natural attack replaces one of the shifter’s claw attacks. The shifter can gain up to two different alternate natural attacks with this method. These alternate natural attacks modify only the damage type of the shifter’s natural attacks and otherwise function exactly as the shifter claws class feature.


Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 28
The aspect of the bat imparts mastery over darkness and the night. Though not as powerful in battle as some other aspects, those who take this aspect become adept at skirmishing and spying.

Minor Form: You gain darkvision with a range of 60 feet. If you already have darkvision with this range or greater, the range of your darkvision increases by 30 feet. At 8th level, you gain darkvision with a range of 90 feet instead. If you already have darkvision with this range or greater, your darkvision increases by 30 feet. At 15th level, you gain the 8th-level benefit and gain blindsense with a range of 15 feet or, if you already have blindsense with a range of 15 feet or more, you increase its range by 10 feet.

Major Form (beast shape II): Your shape changes to that of a dire bat (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 30). While in this form, you gain a base speed of 30 feet, a fly speed of 40 feet (clumsy), blindsense with a range of 10 feet, and a bite attack (1d8 damage). At 8th level, the fly speed increases to 60 feet (good), the range of your blindsense increases to 20 feet, and you gain the Flyby Attack feat (Bestiary 315). At 15th level, your fly speed increases to 80 feet (good) and you gain the Hover feat (Bestiary 315).

Alternate Natural Attacks: Bite (B, P, S), wing (B)