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Step 3: Skills

Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 451
To assign skills precisely, total up the number of skill ranks possessed by the character and assign them normally.

Remember that the number of ranks in an individual skill that a character can possess is limited by his total HD. For simpler skill generation, refer to Table 14–8 to determine the total number of skill selections the NPC possesses. After selecting that number of skills, mostly from the class skills lists of the NPC’s class, the NPC receives a number of ranks in each skill equal to his level. If the NPC has two classes, start by selecting skills for the class with the fewest number of skill selections. The NPC receives a number of ranks in those skills equal to his total character level. Next, find the difference in the number of selections between the first class and the other class possessed by the NPC. Select that number of new skills and give the NPC a number of ranks in those skills equal to his level in the second class. For example, a human fighter 3/monk 4 with a +1 Intelligence modifier can select four skills for his fighter class (since it receives fewer selections). These four skills each have seven ranks (equal to his total level). Next, he selects a number of skills equal to the difference between the fighter and the monk classes, in this case two skills. These two skills each have four ranks (his monk level).

If the NPC has three or more classes, you must use the precise method for determining his skills.

Once all of the NPC’s ranks have been determined, assign class skill bonuses and apply the bonus or penalty from the NPC’s relevant ability score.
PC ClassSkill Selections*NPC ClassSkill Selections*
Barbarian4 + Int ModAdept2 + Int Mod
Bard6 + Int ModAristocrat4 + Int Mod
Cleric2 + Int ModCommoner2 + Int Mod
Druid4 + Int ModExpert6 + Int Mod
Fighter2 + Int ModWarrior2 + Int Mod
Monk4 + Int Mod
Paladin2 + Int Mod
Ranger6 + Int Mod
Rogue8 + Int Mod
Sorcerer2 + Int Mod
Wizard2 + Int Mod
* Humans receive one additional skill selection.