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Special Purpose Items

Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 535
Some intelligent items have special purposes that guide their actions. Intelligent magic items with a special purpose gain a +2 Ego bonus. An item’s purpose must suit the type and alignment of the item and should always be treated reasonably. A purpose of “defeat/slay arcane spellcasters” doesn’t mean that the sword forces the wielder to kill every wizard she sees. Nor does it mean that the sword believes it is possible to kill every wizard, sorcerer, and bard in the world. It does mean that the item hates arcane spellcasters and wants to bring the local wizards’ cabal to ruin, as well as end the rule of a sorcererqueen in a nearby land. Likewise, a purpose of “defend elves” doesn’t mean that if the wielder is an elf, he only wants to help the wielder. It means that the item wants to be used in furthering the cause of elves, stamping out their enemies and aiding their leaders. A purpose of “defeat/slay all” isn’t just a matter of self-preservation. It means that the item won’t rest (or let its wielder rest) until it places itself above all others.

Table 15–25 has a number of sample purposes that a magic item might possess. If the wielder specifically ignores or goes against an intelligent item’s special purpose, the item gains a +4 bonus to its Ego until the wielder cooperates. This is in addition to the +2 Ego bonus gained by items with a special purpose.
d%PurposeEgo Modifier
01–20Defeat/slay diametrically opposed alignment*+2
21–30Defeat/slay arcane spellcasters (including spellcasting monsters and those that use spell-like abilities)+2
31–40Defeat/slay divine spellcasters (including divine entities and servitors)+2
41–50Defeat/slay non-spellcasters+2
51–55Defeat/slay a particular creature type (see the bane special ability for choices)+2
56–60Defeat/slay a particular race or kind of creature+2
61–70Defend a particular race or kind of creature+2
71–80Defeat/slay the servants of a specific deity+2
81–90Defend the servants and interests of a specific deity+2
91–95Defeat/slay all (other than the item and the wielder)+2
96–100Choose one+2
* The purpose of the neutral (N) version of this item is to preserve the balance by defeating/slaying powerful beings of the extreme alignments (LG, LE, CG, CE).