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Special Cases

Source Pathfinder Unchained pg. 111
Dealing with spells and abilities that grant additional attacks, rerolls, or high bonuses can be tricky under this system. So many rules are based around iterative attacks that it’s not possible to cover every type of effect that needs to be adjusted. GMs should use the following rules as guidelines when interpreting how to implement similar spells and abilities.

Extra Attacks

Effects such as haste that grant additional attacks instead raise your maximum number of hits by one. This includes secondary natural attacks made at the end of a manufactured weapon full attack.


Since the full attack roll simulates a series of rolls, effects that grant or force single rerolls instead grant either a +2 bonus (if the attacker keeps the better roll, or the character causing the reroll intends to aid the attacker) or –2 penalty (if the attacker keeps the lower roll, or the character causing the reroll intends to hinder the attacker). Effects that would grant rerolls for all attack rolls made as part of the full attack allow the attacker to reroll the attack roll instead of imposing a bonus or penalty.

True Strike

When using true strike with a full attack, first see how many hits you would have scored without true strike. A single casting of true strike adds at most one more hit.