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Item Ego

Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 535
Ego is a measure of the total power and force of personality that an item possesses. An item’s Ego score is the sum of all of its Ego modifiers plus an additional bonus for the cost of the base magic item (excluding the cost of all of the intelligent item enhancements). An item’s Ego score helps determine whether the item or the character is dominant in their relationship, as detailed below.
Base Magic Item ValueEgo Modifier
Up to 1,000 gp
1,001 gp to 5,000 gp+1
5,001 gp to 10,000 gp+2
10,001 gp to 20,000 gp+3
20,001 gp to 50,000 gp+4
50,001 gp to 100,000 gp+6
100,001 gp to 200,000 gp+8
200,001 gp and higher+12