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Intelligent Item Powers

Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 535
Each intelligent item should possess at least one power, although more powerful items might possess a host of powers. To f ind the item’s specif ic powers, choose or roll on Table 15–24. All powers function at the direction of the item, although intelligent items generally follow the wishes of their owner. Activating a power or concentrating on an active one is a standard action the item takes. The caster level for these effects is equal to the item’s caster level. Save DCs are based off the item’s highest mental ability score.
d%Item PowerBase Price ModifierEgo Modifier
01–10Item can cast a 0-level spell at will+1,000 gp+1
11–20Item can cast a 1st-level spell 3/day+1,200 gp+1
21–25Item can use magic aura on itself at will+2,000 gp+1
26–35Item can cast a 2nd-level spell 1/day+2,400 gp+1
36–45Item has 5 ranks in one skill*+2,500 gp+1
46–50Item can sprout limbs and move with a speed of 10 feet+5,000 gp+1
51–55Item can cast a 3rd-level spell 1/day+6,000 gp+1
56–60Item can cast a 2nd-level spell 3/day+7,200 gp+1
61–70Item has 10 ranks in one skill* +10,000 gp+2
71–75Item can change shape into one other form of the same size+10,000 gp+2
76–80Item can fly, as per the spell, at a speed of 30 feet+10,000 gp+2
81–85Item can cast a 4th-level spell 1/day+11,200 gp+2
86–90Item can teleport itself 1/day+15,000 gp+2
91–95Item can cast a 3rd-level spell 3/day+18,000 gp+2
96–100Item can cast a 4th-level spell 3/day+33,600 gp+2
* Intelligent items can only possess Intelligence-, Wisdom-, or Charisma-based skills, unless they also possess some form of ability to move.