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Intelligent Item Alignment

Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 533
Any item with intelligence has an alignment (see Table 15– 21). Note that intelligent weapons already have alignments, either stated or by implication. If you’re generating a random intelligent weapon, that weapon’s alignment must fit with any alignment-oriented special abilities it has.

Any character whose alignment does not correspond to that of the item (except as noted by the asterisks on the table) gains one negative level if he or she so much as picks up the item. Although this negative level never results in actual level loss, it remains as long as the item is in hand and cannot be overcome in any way (including by restoration spells). This negative level is cumulative with any other penalties the item might place on inappropriate wielders. Items with Ego scores (see below) of 20 to 29 bestow two negative levels. Items with Ego scores of 30 or higher bestow three negative levels.
d%Alignment of Item
01–10Chaotic good
11–20Chaotic neutral*
21–35Chaotic evil
36–45Neutral evil*
46–55Lawful evil
56–70Lawful good
71–80Lawful neutral*
81–90Neutral good*
* The item can also be used by any character whose alignment corresponds to the non-neutral portion of the item’s alignment.