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Intelligent Item Ability Scores

Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 533
Intelligent magic items possess all three mental ability scores: Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Each one of these ability scores begins at a value of 10, but can be increased to as high as 20. Table 15–22 shows the cost to increase one of the item’s ability scores. This cost must be paid for each ability score raised above 10. For example, an intelligent magic item with a 15 Intelligence, 12 Wisdom, and 10 Charisma would cost at least 2,400 gp more than the base item (including the 500 gp for being an intelligent item).
Score BasePrice ModifierEgo Modifier
11+200 gp
12+500 gp+1
13+700 gp+1
14+1,000 gp+2
15+1,400 gp+2
16+2,000 gp+3
17+2,800 gp+3
18+4,000 gp+4
19+5,200 gp+4
20+8,000 gp+5