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Herbalist Events

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 118
01-10Dangerous discovery
11-30Roll on the Alchemist Events table
31-55Snake oil
56-70Exhausting concoction
71-80New intoxicant
81-100Noxious fumes

Dangerous Discovery: While experimenting with a recipe, you accidentally create a dose of poison. Randomly select one poison from the Core Rulebook that costs 500 gp or less per dose. You can keep this dose for your own use or sell it at full value. Note that selling poison might be illegal in the settlement.

Exhausting Concoction: Accidental exposure to a stimulating herbal treatment has given your workers insomnia, allowing them to increase their output. For 1d6 days, each day you can spend 1 point of Influence to push the workers, giving the building a +10 bonus on its first check that day to generate capital.

New Intoxicant: You discover a natural substance— perhaps a rare herb or a refined form of a common beverage—that creates a pleasant, intoxicating sensation. If you spend 1d4 points of Influence and succeed at a DC 20 Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check, you convince the local authorities to allow you to sell it, and for 2d6 days the building gains a +10 bonus on its first check to generate capital each day. If you fail or don’t attempt the check, the substance is declared illegal, a threat to society, or immoral. If the substance is banned, you can sell it illegally for only a short while before the risk grows too great; for 2d4 days, the building gains a +5 bonus on its first check to generate capital each day. There is a 10% chance than an unscrupulous employee may continue selling this intoxicating substance on the side without your permission or knowledge (which may lead to complications with local authorities).

Noxious Fumes: The horrible stink created by one of your latest concoctions makes the workers ill. Attempt a DC 25 Craft (alchemy) or Profession (herbalist) check to create a counteragent before anyone has to take days off to recover. If you succeed, you end the event with no penalties. If you fail, you lose 2d4 points of Labor; each point of Magic you spend reduces the amount of Labor lost by 2.

Snake Oil: You’ve created an invigorating tonic that makes people feel better, though whether or not it has any actual curative effect is dubious. If you spend 1 point of Influence or Magic, you can attempt a DC 25 Bluff check to convince the locals to try your cure-all. If you succeed, the building gains a +15 bonus on its next check to generate capital. You can attempt this check every day after you roll this event, but the DC increases by 2 with each attempt. If you fail the check, the event ends, and you can no longer attempt these daily checks (at least, not until you roll this event again).