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Arms and Armor

Source Pathfinder Unchained pg. 159
Under this system, weapons and armor are not forged with pure enhancement bonuses, and don’t need to have a +1 enhancement bonus to have a special ability. Instead, add up the effective enhancement bonus for the item’s special abilities, then assign the total to the item as its new enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls. To find the new price, multiply the total cost of its original special abilities—not counting the new enhancement bonus—by 4.

For example, the keen ability is equivalent to a +1 bonus and would normally cost 2,000 gp. Under these rules, a keen falchion would gain a +1 bonus on top of its keen ability, and the cost would become 8,000 gp. A keen holy falchion, on the other hand, normally costs 18,000 gp and has abilities equivalent to a +3 bonus, so it would gain a +3 enhancement bonus on top of its abilities and cost 72,000 gp instead.