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Usher of the Black Rain

Source Bestiary 6 pg. 161
Aura overwhelming all CL 29th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 12 lbs.


Apollyon’s weapon is the Usher of the Black Rain. He can cause this weapon to shift from a scythe to a composite longbow (Str +16) as a move action, but in both forms the Usher is a +5 unholy wounding weapon. As a longbow, it creates ammunition automatically as it is fired. Against foes who are currently suffering from a disease, the Usher of the Black Rain deals an additional 6 points of profane damage with each hit.


The Usher of the Black Rain burns to ash if Apollyon’s cloak (which was stitched from the flesh of the angels whose souls empower his bow) is brought to Nirvana, washed clean there, and then buried while intoning each dead angel’s long-forgotten name.