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Grim Gloom Mail

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 252
Aura faint abjuration and necromancy CL 3rd
Slot armor; Price 2,380 gp; Weight 40 lbs.


This ugly +1 chainmail resists polishing and easily acquires bent links and other cosmetic damage from everyday use, though such blemishes never impair its function as armor. Once per day as a standard action, the wearer can afflict one target within 30 feet with bad luck, giving it a –2 penalty to Armor Class, on attack rolls, or on saving throws (wearer’s choice) for 1 minute. In addition, once per day, the wearer can use protection from good.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bestow curse, protection from good, Curse subdomain or evil eye hex; Price 1,340 gp