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Unique Shields

Living Steel Heavy Shield120 gp
Darkwood Buckler203 gp
Darkwood Shield257 gp
Mithral Heavy Shield1,020 gp
Zombie Skin Shield2,159 gp
Driftwood Shield2,527 gp
Caster's Shield3,153 gp
Bronze Whisperer's Shield4,279 gp
Scarab Shield4,399 gp
Burglar's Buckler4,655 gp
Challenging Shield5,170 gp
Spined Shield5,580 gp
Okeno Madu5,590 gp
Lockpick Shield7,159 gp
Dragonslayer's Shield7,170 gp
Shield of Sunrise7,659 gp
Shield of Covered Retreat8,157 gp
Clawhand Shield8,158 gp
Collapsible Tower8,170 gp
Bulette Bulwark9,157 gp
Lion's Shield9,170 gp
Maiden's Aegis9,170 gp
Brilliant Bulwark9,655 gp
Caster's Shield, Greater10,153 gp
Gunner's Buckler10,155 gp
Stalker's Fang (Shoanti)11,462 gp
Celestial Shield13,170 gp
Starsling Buckler14,000 gp
Phalanx Shield14,080 gp
Maelstrom Shield14,170 gp
Spiteful Shield14,170 gp
Volcanic Shield14,170 gp
Surefooted Shield14,200 gp
Tempest Shield15,170 gp
Battlement Shield16,180 gp
Shieldmarshal's Ward17,155 gp
Guard of Man17,180 gp
Winged Shield17,257 gp
Shield of the Mazeborn18,170 gp
Bloodfeast Shield18,770 gp
Broadside Bulwark19,007 gp
Avalanche Shield19,170 gp
Fortress Shield19,180 gp
Mwangi Spirit Shield19,393 gp
Lyrune-Quah Klar19,912 gp
Wyrmslayer's Shield20,170 gp
Shield of Hags20,273 gp
Elephant Shield21,340 gp
Bastion of the Inheritor22,170 gp
Spell Ward Tower Shield25,180 gp
Icon of Order26,170 gp
Lens of the Dark Tapestry29,170 gp
Quick Block Buckler36,155 gp
Belligerent Shield36,170 gp
Storval's Fang38,312 gp
Force Tower46,030 gp
Absorbing Shield50,170 gp
Elysian Shield52,620 gp
Savith's Iron59,170 gp
Spellbane Shield79,180 gp
Equalizer Shield120,830 gp