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Crag Linnorm Plate

Source Inner Sea Combat pg. 50
Aura moderate necromancy CL 11th
Slot armor; Price 41,300 gp; Weight 50 lbs.


This specialized suit of full plate is made from the tanned hide of a linnorm and acts as +4 dragonhide plateUE. If a creature is slain while wearing such armor, its killer is subject to a curse. The cursed creature must succeed at a DC 17 Will save or gain vulnerability to fire until the curse is removed. This curse can be removed only by a break enchantment, miracle, or wish spell. This particular suit of armor is made from the hide of a crag linnorm, though others exist, each with a different curse effect similar to the curse of the associated linnorm.

Once per day as a swift action, the wear of this armor can summon forth the uncanny movement powers of a linnorm, gaining the benefits of freedom of movement for 10 minutes.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, form of the dragon I, freedom of movement, major curseUM; Price 22,300 gp