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Source Armor Master's Handbook pg. 30
Aura faint enchantment and conjuration CL 1st
Slot shield quality; Price +1 bonus; Weight


When the wielder of an assiduous shield fights defensively or uses the total defense action, the shield’s mirrored surface provides protection against gaze attacks, rendering the wielder immune to their effects. During any round in which the wielder is directly targeted with a gaze attack and is forced to attempt a saving throw, if she succeeds at the save by 5 or more, she can reflect the gaze back on the attacker. The attacker must attempt a saving throw against its own gaze even if it is normally immune, though the attacker receives a +5 bonus if it is normally immune to its own gaze.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, lock gazeUC, mirror polishACG; Price +1 bonus