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Night Terrors

Source Horror Adventures pg. 185
Type lesser madness; Save DC 16
Onset 1 day
Effect Each night when the afflicted character sleeps, she must succeed at a saving throw or wake up fatigued (see below).
Dormancy Effect None


A character suffering from night terrors is plagued by persistent terrifying dreams, worry, or terror that impedes her from getting restful sleep. Each night the afflicted character must succeed at a saving throw or wake up fatigued, though multiple nights of night terrors do not increase the condition to exhausted, and an exhausted character with night terrors wakes up after 8 hours of sleep either rested or fatigued based on the success or failure of the saving throw for this affliction. Often a character suffering from night terrors will bolt upright during sleep, eyes open, and scream, though less-dramatic symptoms are also possible. A character who awakens fatigued from night terrors doesn’t count as having had a good night’s rest for the purpose of preparing new spells, and she can’t remove the fatigue until she gets a good night’s rest by succeeding at the Will save against night terrors.