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Order of the Glyph

Source Path of the Hellknight pg. 53

Analagous Order Order of the Pyre
Symbol runed padlock encircled by a chain
Headquarters Archives of Redacted Histories, Warlock Island
Leader Lictor Maritas Clandegar (LE male human fighter 9/HellknightISWG 6)
Members agents of House Thrune, archivists, Geryon cultists
Armor Features serpentine designs and tower shields
Favored Weapon battleaxe
Reckoning ingest smoldering ashes
Tenants (from analagous order)
  • I will not tolerate the weight of unfit gods upon mortal shoulders.
  • My fire will burn those thickets of philosophy that crowd the path of progress.
  • Blasphemy knows no borders—land or sea. I will pursue it where I must, and where I find it, I will be relentless.
  • Zealots walk the path of destruction, regardless of the names on their lips.
  • I will not mistake clever trickery for power or power for divinity.
  • Manipulators of divine magic and esoteric eldritch powers must prove their trustworthiness to me, for trust breeds dangerous complacency.
  • I will focus my iron scrutiny on any faith I find appealing. Whatever I worship must be worthy of me.


(From analagous order)
1: Favored Cult (Ex) You can hone your skills to become a bane to those who worship a divinity you hate. Each day while performing your obedience, choose a divine power that grants four or fewer domains. You gain +2 bonus on Intimidate, Knowledge, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against those who worship that power. Additionally, you get a +1 bonus on weapon attack rolls and weapon damage rolls against the worshipers of that deity.
2: Immolation (Sp) You can channel your wrath into power that can scorch your foes. Once per day, you can cast delayed blast fireball using your character level as your caster level.
3: Quell Zealotry (Su) You can tear the divine power from the grasp of those who would use it to stand against you. Once per day as a standard action, you can target a divine spellcaster within 100 feet. If your target fails a Will saving throw (DC = 10 + 1/2 your Hit Dice + your Charisma bonus), it loses access to any spellcasting and all the supernatural and spell-like abilities it gains from any of its divine spellcasting classes for a number of rounds equal to half your character level. When a creature under the effects of this ability tries to use an ability to which it no longer has access, instead of its god’s favor, it feels only a profound, black emptiness, as if its deity no longer existed.
Unofficial Hellknights unsanctioned by the Council of Lictors, the Order of the Glyph was formed in the aftermath of the Chelish civil war by House Thrune. The order was created in order to safeguard the true history of Cheliax, unaugmented by propaganda and the manipulation of fact. Originally a cult of Geryon worshipers, the Order of the Glyph has served to both protect Cheliax’s histories and further House Thrune’s lies ever since.