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Hellknight Orders

Description Source: Inner Sea World Guide
A character must choose one Hellknight order to join. The choice of order determines what disciplines the character gains access to.

Major Orders

Order of the ChainThese Hellknights serve as wardens and trackers devoted to hunting down the enemies of society and locking away dangerous criminals.
Order of the GateDominated by spellcasting signifers who employ magic in surveillance, manipulation, and execution, this order is known for predicting crimes and creating magical innovations.
Order of the GodclawCrusaders in the service of a pantheon of five lawful deities, these Hellknights bring order wherever it is needed, usually by force. Their unusual faith is understood by few.
Order of the NailThese knights at the vanguard of civilization bring order to frontier settlements and stamp out those who impede society’s march.
Order of the PyreWith spell and blade, this order seeks out superstition and witchcraft and destroys any chaotic cults that threaten the minds and souls of law-abiding citizens.
Order of the RackThese Hellknights root out and quell subversive knowledge and destructive ideas they believe capable of impeding order’s march.
Order of the ScourgeUsing their vast wealth and resources, these armored sleuths work— sometimes under cover—to take down corrupt politicians, thieves’ guilds, and bastions of organized crime.

Minor Orders

Order of the CoilA small order of Hellknights that seeks to wipe out the native inhabitants of Sargava in the name of civilization
Order of the CruxA remnant of the Chelish civil war, these butchers were destroyed by the Order of the Scourge, but have risen again in unlife
Order of the GlyphAn unofficial band of Hellknights, charged with protecting the true history of Cheliax
Order of the PikeMonster-slayers and heroes, this order dedicates itself to wiping out dangerous creatures.
Order of the ScarMercenary assassin-hunters, this order protects its charges and oppsess the Daggermark Guild and the followers of Achaekek.
Order of the TorrentA good order of Hellknights that focus their efforts on rescuing hostages and kidnapping victims.
Order of the WallThese hellknights serve as guardians and watchmen against the forces that would intrude on the borders of civilization