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Order of the Gate

Source Path of the Hellknight pg. 16

Symbol infernal eye staring out from a swirling portal
Headquarters Headquarters Citadel Enferac, east of Pezzack
Leader Vicarius Girdano Torchia (LE male human wizard 11/HellknightISWG 2)
Members devil worshipers, intellectuals, planar-blooded outcasts, spellcasters
Armor Features helm with a vortex-like pattern, crimson robes
Favored Weapon dagger
Reckoning Etch complex symbols of penitence into your flesh with a dagger. Gain a +4 bonus on Will saving throws to resist divination spells and spell-like abilities.
  • Lawlessness is a failing of the leaderless and unwatched. I will mind those who would go unnoticed.
  • My power is a gift, not to me, but to the world. It is my responsibility to use it to forge greatness.
  • I will pursue perfection, ever knowing that I will truly master nothing.
  • Knowledge is not the same as wisdom. I will hone my iron judgment upon the stones of experience and worldliness.
  • There is cleverness in chaos. There is deceit in ruin. I will never underestimate either.
  • My face must be forged of iron. It must never crack, regardless of the circumstance.


1: Focus of Mind (Su) You gain one gaze ability from the list detailed as part of the assiduous gaze class feature of the Hellknight signifer prestige class (Pathfinder Campaign Setting Paths of Prestige 29). You can choose only a gaze that a Hellknight signifer could choose at 4th level. If you already have the assiduous gaze ability, you can select one additional gaze. Additionally, if you do not already have one, you receive the mask described in the prestige class’s signifer mask class feature (and also detailed on page 63), as well as the benefits of the Hellknight signifer prestige class’s signifer mask supernatural ability; you must be wearing a signifer mask to use this ability.
2: Armored Spellcasting (Ex) You have mastered the delicate and yet taxing art of casting spells in your Hellknight armor. You can ignore the spell failure chance of any armor with “Hellknight” in the name.
3: Unfathomable Gaze (Sp) You are able to focus your staunch Hellknight training into a spell-like ritual that allows you to glean information that could be vital to your mission of enforcing the law. Once per day, while wearing a signifer mask, you can use vision as a spell-like ability, treating your total character level as your caster level. Unlike casting the spell normally, you are not fatigued after this ability is complete, as your training allows you to shake off what might tire lesser individuals.
Order of the Gate Hellknights seek to curb and prevent lawlessness through magic and manipulation. They have reputations as mysterious, emotionless, and sometimes cruel magic-users. Many are convinced that the Order of the Gate’s Hellknights are spying on them or already know their secrets. Sometimes this fear is true, as the order’s members prefer preventing crime to punishing it and often use manipulation, information-gathering, and spying to further their agenda.