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Order of the Crux

Source Path of the Hellknight pg. 53

Symbol three shattered femurs with a starburst of bone shards
Headquarters Citadel Gheisteno, in the Menador Mountains along the Chelish-Nidalese border
Leader Lictor Enwar Shokneir (LE male human graveknightB3 fighter 5/ HellknightISWG 10)
Members undead Hellknights
Armor Features siked helm, horned fiend-skull breastplate
Favored Weapon heavy flail
Reckoning strike your femur repeatedly
Tenants N/A


1: N/A
2: N/A
3: N/A
One of several bands of mercenaries dubbed Hellknights during the Chelish civil war, the skull-clad Order of the Crux refused to disband after the revolution. Hunted down and destroyed by the Order of the Scourge in 4663, the butchers were slaughtered and their fortress, Citadel Gheisteno, put to the torch. However, 25 years later, three graveknights clad in scarred Hellknight armor rose from the ruin. Calling themselves the Order of the Crux and led by the venomous Lictor Shokneir, the undead triune lurks upon the border of Nidal and Molthune, seemingly biding their time.