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Unsolved Murder

Source Horror Adventures pg. 176
CR 6; XP 2,400
NE latent persistent possessing haunt (up to a 30-ft. radius)
Caster Level 6th
Notice Perception DC 25 (to notice the corpse's hand twitching)
hp 27; Trigger touch; Reset 1 week
Effect The merchant’s spirit subtly possesses the creature who touched his corpse (even if the creature touched it with a tool), as per riding possession (Will DC 17 negates), except he and the host can communicate telepathically. He nudges his host toward investigating his murder. On any day his host makes progress, he is pleased and grants his host a +2 morale bonus on skill checks. If his host does not make progress for 1 week, he curses his host in a fit of rage. This functions as per bestow curse (Will DC 16 negates), except the spirit can remove it whenever he chooses. He can apply one new curse per week.
Destruction The merchant’s spirit can rest only if the murderer dies in an act of revenge. If the murderer dies of other causes before this can happen, the merchant’s spirit demands another form of harsh vengeance against the murderer’s memory or family.


After a merchant was murdered at a party being held to celebrate his latest venture, his spirit was obsessed with finding his killer and exacting vengeance. It has clung to his body for years, hoping for a hapless grave robber to inadvertently become the pawn of his unfinished business.