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Twisted Wish

Source Horror Adventures pg. 181
CR 20; XP 307,200
LE belligerent free-roaming unyielding haunt (up to a 100-ft. radius))
Caster Level 20th
Notice Perception DC 35 (to notice a slight stutter in time originating from the center of its radius)
hp 120; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
Effect The twisted wish haunt collects the wishes of those who come near it, and stores them until it decides to grant them at its leisure and in its own warped fashion. The haunt understands all languages, as per tongues, and does not need to manifest to hear every spoken wish and read every written wish within its radius. The haunt can manifest once per day to cast wish to grant any wish from its collection. It does not need to wait for a creature to enter its radius to manifest. The twisted wish is immune to the spells heal and mass heal. Unlike the effects of a typical haunt, the wishes this haunt grants do not count as fear effects. The haunt can fly at a speed of 10 feet even when it is not manifested, but it rarely chooses to do so unless its current region isn’t providing enough victims, or it perceives someone as a potential threat.
Destruction The sheer number of wish spells this haunt can bring to bear makes it nearly invincible. Only the direct intervention of a deity can destroy the twisted wish haunt.


A twisted wish haunt can only arise in the most extraordinary circumstances, when a genie noble of considerable power dies with vengeance in its heart. It rests in places like wells or fountains where people go to make wishes, so it can use its powers frequently.