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Soul Vortex

Source Horror Adventures pg. 180
CR 19; XP 204,800
NE belligerent fast persistent unyielding haunt (up to a 95-ft.-radius area)
Caster Level 20th
Notice Perception DC 20 (for affected creatures to notice a fundamental feeling that something is wrong within them)
hp 256; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
Effect A black vortex appears in the center of the haunt’s radius, and tugs inexorably on the souls of all creatures within its reach. Each round, before it targets their souls, the vortex first targets the magic protecting them, affecting each creature with a greater dispel magic effect that targets death ward or any other spells that would prevent level drain first. After the dispelling effect, the creature must succeed at a DC 23 Will save to partially resist the vortex’s pull. On a success, the creature takes 1d4 negative levels. On a failure, that creature’s soul is wrenched out of its body and destroyed. Only miracle or wish can reconstitute a soul that the vortex devours. The vortex gains 5 temporary hit points for each level it drains— treat devouring a soul as draining as many negative levels as it would normally take to kill the creature. These temporary hit points stack and last for 1 hour. The soul vortex haunt is immune to the spells heal and mass heal. Creatures normally immune to fear lose that immunity within this haunt’s radius.
Destruction The soul vortex haunt can only be destroyed if the phylactery of a lich of CR 20 or higher that is currently destroyed and awaiting rejuvenation is cast into it. This act destroys both the vortex and the phylactery.


The soul vortex is a gaping wound in the fabric of reality connected to the Negative Energy Plane. One may form at the site of a massive tragedy that claims hundreds of thousands of lives. The soul vortex annihilates the souls of anyone unfortunate enough to encounter it, and rips through the protections that even the most experienced adventurers consider unassailable.