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Malignant Weapon

Source Occult Adventures pg. 231
CR 7; XP 3,200
LE persistent item-bound haunt (haunted object affecting up to a 35-ft. radius)
Caster Level 7th
Notice Perception DC 25 (to hear distant cackling when touching the weapon)
hp 36; Weakness tricked by invisibility; Trigger special (see below); Reset 1 day
Effect Whenever the wielder of the haunted weapon threatens a critical hit with the weapon, the area immediately resonates with a cacophonous cackling. All creatures within a 35-foot radius centered on the weapon suffer the effects of a song of discord spell (Will DC 17 negates) for the next 8 rounds. If the weapon’s wielder is affected, she gains a +2 bonus on the critical confirmation roll.
Destruction The weapon must be boiled in the cauldron of a willing hag’s coven, which destroys both the weapon and the cauldron at the same time.


Sometimes a weapon that slays a powerful witch or hag becomes tainted by the victim’s malignant hatred. Although haunted weapons often still bear holy marks from the original owners or relics like bones from a revered saint, these are never sufficient to contain the malevolence that dwells within the weapon.